01/01 Year 5 weekly blog

Date: 1st Oct 2021 @ 3:44pm

Another busy week this week! All the year 5 classes have written their first extended write based on the book Cosmic. We had fun imagining Liam was attempting to buy a house which included a movie room!  In maths, we are now looking at numbers to one million and in geography, all classes now know how to use latitude and longitude to locate places. We will put this knowledge to the test next week when we use co-ordinates to locate plces in an atlas.

Our exploration of Space continues - see the pictures of our V.R. from last week below! We are really excited to announce that on Monday at 11am we will be taking part in a BBC live lesson with Proffessor Brian Cox. If you want to learn with us the link is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/live-lessons/space-live-lesson/zbt3vwx  This is to kick off World Space week. You will have seen that we have set the children a challenge on Google Classroom for science so we are really looking forward to seeing what they produce and will share some examples soon. 

Rugby is keeping us all active as we can now pass the ball and use techniques to attack and defend. 

Hopefully, in the coming couple of weeks we will also be able to share with you the art work the children are working on as we move from using collage to paint next week, before we combine the two techniques in our final work.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all Monday.

The Year 5 team!


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