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Date: 10th Sep 2021 @ 11:57am


We are back to school and we are so happy about it! It was certainly a full week, lots of learning and catching up with friends. It's been so special to be back, the year six team are looking forward to teaching and learning with our year six children. This week's blog post is a celebration of our first week back.

Respect Awards 

6A Jacob Harrison for having such a positive start to year 6. Jacob has demonstrated an excellent attitude and willingness to learn this week. 

6B Edward Turton for such a positive start to year six and always contributing in class.

Charlie Millward for being a positive role model and showing a resilient outlook in all that he does. 

6C - Yvie Anderson - for coming in to year six really well with a positive attitude, showing resilience when working with some tricky bar models and sharing her thoughts and volunteering to read every day.

Finn Wallis - For sharing his interesting thoughts on his reading and learning with us and making good choices all week.

6D - Oliver Johnson for showing enthusiasm and willingness during the first week. He has come in every day with a smile, and has contributed to every lesson.

Harry Barrington for perseverance when building a bridge with his team. He demonstrated a real team effort, sharing some excellent ideas with others. 

6E - Lucas Peckham for demonstrating an exceptional level of maturity and enthusiasm in class discussions. What a role model for topsite. 

We have seen so many wonderful examples of excellence, kindness and resilience that we just had to share some with you all.

Well Done 

Lily 6A, Jacob 6B, Poppy 6C Thivyan 6D and William 6E

your work was chosen to be shared this week. 

Year six winning class attendance 6B with 99.56% 


What a start to the year six! 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all Monday to do it all again!

Year Six Team

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