Science - Enthuse Celebration Event

Over the last 18 months, St George's have been working closely with several cluster schools, undertaking an Enthuse partnership with STEM. We have been fortunate to gain this support to enhance our science curriculum within school, delivering engaging and exciting science lessons and collaborating with others to share knowledge. Our aim is to continue to raise the profile of STEM and support our children to see the opportunities available to them in the future.

As part of this partnership with STEM, we held an exciting celebration event at our school, whereby the schools came together to celebrate science. 10 children from each school (years 4-6) were chosen to be the representatives, completing activities including rocket mice, VR, outdoor learning minibeast hunting, floating & sinking etc. They also shared what they have been learning within science, in their school. 

The children had great fun attending this celebration event and they made us all very proud, being excellent representatives for our school. They proudly spoke to governors, our Enthuse coach and various staff members. Well done St George's! 

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