Audrey Elizabeth Jackson - 1938

A Message from Audrey's son, Steve Boulton:


I saw a request on your website for pupils who had previously attended your school.  I’m currently sitting with my mum who is 82 years old and suffers from early stages Alzheimers and she’s just had a very lucid period which I thought I should share.


My mum used to be called Audrey Elizabeth Jackson (nowadays Boulton) and she says she attended from the age of 5.  She was born 24th April 1933.  Her older brothers are called Derek Jackson & Roy Jackson, 


Her best friend in those days (although I think possibly older than Mum) was Nora Bott who had Geoffrey Bott & Alan Bott as brothers. They all went to St George’s. She wouldn’t have seen them in 60 years+


Mum suddenly listed a string of teachers that she’d had or remembered (not sure that the spellings will be right)


Miss Henderson was her first teacher perhaps ’she taught the younger ones'.  Miss Murch was one of her teachers (the head female teacher? and she was very good).  Miss Titherley, general teacher & good…. Miss Merrick (her favourite teacher of all)…  Mr Gellion was the headmaster (a nice man and good teacher/headmaster, stern but good!)… Miss O’Loughlin (a very elderley teacher.  Good) … Miss Cubbin was the cookery teacher .. Miss Woffenden (head of the younger girls? Good teacher) … Mr Maddock-Jones (he was a nice man - mum was a bit older when she was in his class). She mentioned a woodwork teacher but she couldn’t remember the name.  Miss Newton was possibly a bit stricter than some of the others!


Mum remembers they had very big classes (she suggested 50?!) and says that the teachers did a great job.


To be honest, it’s quite a remarkable and unusual bit of remembering for Mum so I’d be interested to know if you could verify any of it - or point me in the direction of anything else she might look at as she’s really enjoyed chatting about it.


Mum actually lives in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire nowadays so some way away!  Mum says ‘we were very proud of our school’.


Chatting about it has made her and me (I’m 46) very happy

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