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Computing Curriculum

We have introduced a new computing curriculum that is evolving constantly.

This has been planned with our partners at Hi-Impact consultancy so that our children are challenged to think computationally and have a secure understanding of:

  • Coding
  • Managing risks of E-learning and communication through E-safety work
  • Understanding how ICT can be used to improve communication and presentation.

To facilitate this work, St George's has invested heavily in a new secure network, improved wireless functionality, staff training and improved hardware.  This includes 108 iPads, VR headsets and control equipment.

You can find our curriculum maps at the bottom of the page.



Blended learning is an approach to education that brings online educational materials and opportunities for traditional in-class teaching together. This is being developed continually during this school year.


There are different platforms that we utilise as they match the needs of the children in specific year bands.  


On each on the platforms teachers can set activities via the app or website, some of which will be completed at school, and others will be set as homework. These activities will then be available for parents to view at home. If children want to review, edit or extend their learning in the areas explored in class, this can be done at the pupil’s pace. Parents and carers are able to take an active role in their child’s learning with each of these platforms. With each of the platforms all data is kept securely and pupils have individualised log in details.



In EYFS the Independent Learning Diary is used. This is bespoke to the needs of EYFS and allows parents to view the child’s progress and work within school, while sharing learning activities for home.


Year 1 and 2

In Year 1 and 2 we are using Seesaw as an online platform for their blended learning.  Seesaw can be accessed through their website on any device, a phone, a tablet or iPad or a laptop. The children have already been using this platform in school, and have shown great excitement towards it. They are eager to show their work at home. 

Activity reminders and updates will be added to Seesaw regularly. Photos, notes and videos of their work can be uploaded to the app so their teachers and parents can view their excellent work. The subject matter in the Seesaw application will vary for each year group. For example, currently Maths and PSHE are being explored in Year 2, in time other subjects will be added.

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6


In these year groups they will use Google Classroom as their online platform for their blended learning. This allows greater detail in their work and the use of google documents to collaborate simultaneously with others on work at home and in school. Children will be provided with an individual school email address and password. This email and password with continue with them throughout their time at St George’s Primary School.

The use of Google Classroom ensures the children leaving year 6 have the skills ready for their secondary school career. They will explore one core subject (Maths, English or Science) and one non-core subject during the first term. Further subject matter will increase over the year.


Please see they videos below for more help with Seesaw and Google Classroom





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