Creative Arts

 At St. George's Primary School, the Creative Arts encompass a range of subjects including art, music, and design technology. Our school environment encourages creativity and innovation to enable our children's imaginations to flourish. Our fully-inclusive Creative Arts curriculum exposes children to fantastic visiting artists/musicians, engaging school trips, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and opportunities to perform - all of which develops a child's understanding of other areas of the curriculum as well as being a platform to improve their well-being.


Musician of the Month for October 2019 is the show stopping music from The Greatest Showman.

We will be listening to the songs and enjoying the music in a variety of ways.


Our Musician of the Month for September 2019

Ariana Grande 

This month we are listening to the popular music of Ariana Grande. We have been listening to the radio editions of songs such as One Last Time, the soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast and No More Tears Left to Cry. 

We listen to Ariana's music as we enter assemblies and have represented how the music makes us feel in our Art sketchbooks.


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