Curriculum Overviews and Calculation Guides

Curriculum Overviews 

Attached are the curriculum overviews for each year group which will show you the content taught and the order in which it is taught.

We ensure that we have a clear focus on number, place value and calculation to ensure that our children have the core understanding and knowledge to excel as mathematicians.

Mental fluency and practise:  This section will ensure that our children understand the structures and patterns to help them learn and master their key number facts.  This might include number bonds, multiplication tables, division facts etc.

Mastering Key Mathematical Concepts:  This is the central focus of the school's planning.  Children will be taught age related concepts on key concepts including place value, calculation, statistics, angles, perimeter, properties of shapes etc.

The staff team wrote these plans which are reviewed annually. 

Calculation Policies

Attached are the calculation policies for EYFS - Year 2, Year 3 - 4 and Year 5 - 6. This shows how we begin to teach a concept using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations, and how this progresses through the concept and through year groups.


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