Home Learning and Mathematics

In September 2018 we launched our new home learning activities books.  These were designed in partnership with a national mathematics consultant (thanks to work of Andrew Jeffrey) to promote 'number sense' and 'fluency' in mathematics.

Each booklet  is designed to ensure that our children are practising key mathematical concepts that they are taught in school.  This could include counting, times tables, reading skills, spending money etc.

Children are challenged to complete each activity 10 times in a year.  As they complete each activity we ask parents to sign and date their booklet on that page using the grid provided (see example below).

In this section of the website we have shared the booklets and will be adding videos to demonstrate the mathematical learning process and how the games can be applied at home.  We have created a page for year 1 to 6 attached to this page.  or click on the link below:

Year 1 Page

Year 2 Page

Year 3 Page

Year 4 Page

Year 5 Page

Year 6 Page

Children must complete the one activity set by their class teacher every week and are challenged to complete the booklet by the end of the year. To complete the booklet they will need to undertake 2/3 activities a week. 

Children should have already practised the skills and activities in class before they are asked to try this at home.

The activities should be varied to ensure that children are challenged appropriately.  For example if they are counting on insteps of  25 our children should attempt this from a different starting point.  They should also be noticing the pattern.  Finally we get them to develop a rule for this.

Number line below shows how we would do this:

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