Remote (Home) Learning

Getting Started With Remote Learning

In this section, we have established a family support section for all aspects of remote learning.   

We have published a full remote learning guide that explains what you should expect from home learning.  We hope this is helpful for our families.  It is a requirement from the Department of Education that every school has this guide published.  This can be read by clicking here.

We have also set up an advice page for home learning.  This can be read by clicking here.

Have a look at our curriculum links page for remote education.  This covers all areas of the curriculum and access to reading books.  This can be accessed by clicking here.

We have also uploaded some free English and Maths activity books for children in Years 1 to 6.  These can be accessed by clicking here.

Below are the links for Seesaw and Google Classroom platforms.


Self-isolation, Google and Seesaw help guides

Use the Oak Academy link for the first day of self-isolation or to further supplement your child's home learning. BBC Bitesize may give further support. We aim to transition your child onto our remote learning platforms - Seesaw (EYFS, Y1 and 2) or Google Classroom (Y3-6) fairly promptly. If required, do contact the school office for further assistance. 

Oak National Academy reaches 20 million lessons and 344 years of video in  first term 


Google Classroom and Seesaw

Help sheets and videos are below to help you access Google Classroom and Seesaw. Click the links below to gain access to either platform on a desktop or laptop. The relevant app will need to be downloaded to gain access from a tablet - if this is proving tricky, do consult our self-help videos at the bottom of this page  before emailing the school office.






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