Welcome to the curriculum section of the St George's website.  We launched this section in September 2017 to ensure that we communicated our new curriculum effectively to parents.  This year we have launched new curriculums for:

  • English that links writing to high quality literature
  • Mathematics to develop mastery and secure understanding of mathematical thinking and concepts.

Science to ensure that our children think like scientists and have a good understanding of the knowledge in the primary curriculum.

  • Computing so our children get a great start in computational thinking and develop a curiosity and understanding of coding and computing.
  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) to ensure that our RESPECT model is well understood and celebrated across the school
  • PE to ensure at least an hour of physical fitness a week.  We are also ensuring that our children all enter two intra-school competitions a year.  We also have 30 inter-school competitions a year.

We are making small changes to other parts of our curriculum including French, music, art and humanities.  We are aiming to ensure that we promote excellence in these areas.  Furher curriculum changes are planned for 2018-19.

Promoting Resilience, Respect and Results

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