Sue Wray - 1959 to 1965

St George’s Primary School
    Ex Pupil Information - Sue Wray


Sue Wray

Attended from:     

1959 - 1965


Favourite teacher:

Mrs Rhodes (infants) and Mrs Franson (junior)
Special friends: 

Carol Cavanagh, Mary Lyon, Valerie Tillyard, Brenda Morgan, Pam Woods, Cheryl Bird.... lots of people (many of whom I’m still in touch with)
Most memorable experience:   

Not very exciting (or educational), but I remember melting wax crayons on the heating pipes that ran around the edges of the classrooms! The pipes were also really handy for defrosting our free school milk in the winter.
Favourite school dinner:    

Irish stew and ‘fly pie’
Playtime activities:

Skipping, jacks, elastics, tick
Favourite lesson:              

I loved listening to stories and I liked PE too.  
What I went on to do:

Nursery Nurse, Civil Servant, Software Developer
What I do now:

Senior Technical Author for an American software company.

Picture 1

Sue is 3rd in from the right on the 1st row

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