The first two weeks - our first Y5 Blog

Welcome to our first blog of the new school year. We have been settling in at top site and have been really busy with our new learning. In English, we have started to read Cosmic, by Frank Cotrell-Boyce, which is about a boy named Liam who is rather tall for his age! If you have never read it, the Year 5's think you should, as it is very funny and based in Liverpool - and space! 

In maths, we are exploring numbers to 100,000 and finding lots of ways to represent numbers, as well as solving reasoning problems. We have all been practicing our times tables and revising the four times tables. All the Year 5's have been set homework on ttrockstars for the first few weeks to really help boost their confidence and speed of recall.

We have begun to explore Earth and Space in science and have made a fabulous start. Some classes have started to plan a storyboard for a stop-frame animation to describe the movement of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon - look out for those in a few weeks time.

Our geography enquiry is "Where in the world are we" and we have looked at the special vocablary we need so we can understand our work this half term. We have also revised the continents and oceans and their locations.

Finally, in art, we have begun to look at landscapes and creating sections in collage. The children are really enjoying this, so thank you to everyone who has sent in magazines or catalogues for us to use.

It has been a great start to the year and we will keep you updated weekly on our progress.

Have a fabulous weekend

The Year 5 Team








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