The Teaching Teams


Class Teachers These teachers teach the following year groups for the academic year 2019/2020.


2019-20 Class

(from September)

F1 (nursery)  Mrs Noakes

F2A Miss Birch

F2B Mrs Haigh and Miss Wall

F2C Mrs Williams

F2D Miss Jones

1A Miss Patterson

1B Mrs Molloy and Mrs Hughes

1C Miss Barlow and Mrs McLean

1D Mrs Jones

2A Mrs Johnson and Mrs Wainwright

2B Miss Gough Hughes

2C Mrs Malloy and Mrs Price

2D Mrs Cameron-Ivanov

3A Mrs Kisby

3B Miss Cummings

3C Mrs Price and Miss Forster

3D Miss Mulheirn

4A Miss Berry

4B Mrs Saunders

4C Miss M Lewis

4D Miss Reil

5A Miss Murphy and Miss R Lewis

5B Miss Spurdle

5C Miss Hughes

5D Mrs Parker

6A Mrs Taylor

6B Mrs Palmi

6C Mrs Bowden-Pickstock

6D Mrs Roberts



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