Tips for Home Schooling

Advice for Home Schooling

Home Schooling can be a lot of fun.  However, it also has a lot of challenges.  At home there are numerous distractions including television, consoles, Wi-Fi, tables, mobile phones and toys.

Our top tips are:

  • Establish a timetable for home schooling.  Try and keep routines that help parents and children.  We have sent home timetable ideas and added them to your year group pages.
  • Check in with the year group pages with ideas regularly. We are trying to help.
  • Ensure that you all have regular breaks.
  • Find a good space to work.  You need to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Get the Resources You Need.  Being organised helps.  If you need any more equipment at home, contact school and we might be able to help with stationery, paper etc.
  • Minimise distractions. Agree times for television, music etc.  Have no screen time.  Turn of the Wi-Fi during these times.
  • Don’t create too much pressure.  You are not a teacher.  Let your children have some independence and remember that mistakes are ok.
  • Get help.  There are numerous forums online and help on internet for every aspect for learning.  For example is great for explaining mathematical concepts.  We have also set up advice for mental health and well being.
  • Keep it fun.  Measuring and baking is great mathematics.  So is measuring to make simple crafts.  Have spelling challenges and try and play games when you can.
  • Make sure you ready to concentrate.  Good sleep, hydration and exercise all help.

We have set up lots of links and ideas on the school website.  There are lots of companies offering free homelearning packs during the coronavirus closures.  Our colleauges at Hi-Impact have pulled many together on one page:

Department for Education released their list of FREE home schooling resources on 6th April:

Other great links include:

The BBC have just launched a wide range of online daily lessons. Have a look on your year group page to see if your teachers have directed you to any specific lessons, or browse the lessons here:

ED Tech one page link to hundereds of ideas/links for learning at home.

Andrew jeffrey maths have put together a support page for parents.

You can go globe trotting with these 20 amazing virtual tours:

Department for Education have an advice page for parents.  Includes advice about online safety:

Red Cross have set up fabulous ideas for home learning using their kindness calendar.  Click here to find out more.

Our partners at STEM have created a page of fun family activities:


#ThinkUKnow Internet Safety Team (CEOP) have developed online safety homelearning packs for familes from aged 4 to 14 upwards:

Medicspot is calling all primary school children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing – the best way to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for St George's Primary School here:

For those of you who would like to know more, the Centre of Excellence Online training course provider have made their Home Education Diploma Course FREE for all families during the Coronavirus.  Just enter the code LEARNFREE when checking out on their website.

We have also uploaded the Education Otherwise Charity's advice booklet on providing education at home.

Here is a free book explaining Covid-19 and social distancing in a child friendly manner. So many children are feeling worried and anxious right now, this could help alleviate some of their fears.


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