Learning with our new friends. Nursery is great fun!

Class: Foundation 1 Year: 2016 - 17

As we welcome our F1 Nursery children our main focus is on making relationships and getting used to school and new routines.  At this time of the year the children are encouraged to explore their new environment and make new friends.  We spend lots of time getting to know everyone and learning about ourselves and each other. 


Every day the children have the opportunity to explore all areas of the provision indoors and outdoors, both independently and with the support of the class teacher or teaching assistant.  We also introduce short carpet sessions to begin to develop listening and attention skills.  We read lots and lots of stories, sing counting and alphabet rhymes and songs and learn how to follow Georgie Bear's rules!

Georgie Bear is our Foundation Stage mascot and reminds us to...

Always try our best

Take turns and share

Always walk in school

Use our listening ears

Have kind hands and feet

Use our talking voice

Helping hands

Promoting Resilience, Respect and Results

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