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Tennis superstars serve up success, by Mrs Walters

Date: 26th Jun 2019 @ 4:22pm

Congratulations to our year 2 and 3 tennis stars who took part in a Wallasey school’s tournament today and won!

Two teams of children competed against other schools from the local area with one of the teams finishing top of the leaderboard.

Well done to them all!

Family Forest School fun in years 5 and 6, by Mrs Walters

Date: 25th Jun 2019 @ 3:58pm

Families from years 5 and 6 had a great time this week taking part in Forest School.

They took part in lots of different activities aimed at encouraging families to spend time outside finishing off with toasting marshmallows over a fire.

The events were organised and run by Wirral Life Long Learning with GROW Well-Being along with our learning mento Mrs Broad.

A big thank you to everyone who took part.

6C and 6D’s Chinese Visitors, by Miss Newton

Date: 25th Jun 2019 @ 3:00pm

Year 6 have had a great day today with our visiting teachers from Calday. We have learnt about the Emperor’s son, wrote our names and dragon dancing. 

RNLI visit to Year 2, by Mrs Malloy

Date: 24th Jun 2019 @ 3:52pm

Today, Year 2 were lucky to have a visit from RNLI life guards Ben and Bex.  We learnt so much about being safe on and around the beach, what all of the flags mean, how to call for help if you are in danger in the water and how to be safely rescued.  A lot of children were shocked to find out that the Coast Guard is the 4th emergency service you can call out when dialling 999!

Hive Assembly, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 24th Jun 2019 @ 2:55pm

Years 5 and 6 were visited by a Hive representative today during assembly. They were told about the fantastic Hive sessions that run on Wednesdays and at weekends. Sessions include opportunities for art, dance, glow in the dark sports, skateboarding, media studies and climbing. Please see the photographs for more information or visit the website www.thehiveyouthzone.org. Children also have a leaflet with information on.

Wirral Primary Schools Swimming Championships Final , by Mrs Horton

Date: 22nd Jun 2019 @ 5:14pm

9 of our swimmers took part in the year 5/6 Wirral Schools Swimming final on Friday 21st June at Europa Pools. Many medals were gained in individual races and relays. We are very proud to announce that St George’s were the overall winners. This is quite an achievement as St George’s have not won the cup since 2000. 

It was a great team effort from Reagan, Jake, Petra, Minnie, Lily, Luke, Jai, Henrietta and Beatrice. All swimmers were excellent; not only in the pool but in their positive poolside attitudes. 

A huge well done to all of the team. We couldn’t be prouder! 

Fiver Challenge, by Miss Newton

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 4:50pm

This afternoon children from Y6 opened up their stalls to sell products or set up games as part of their work with the Fiver Challenge. They have spent the last few weeks using their budget of £5 to buy and make items to sell. It has been a very successful afternoon. We had games, bracelets, phone charms, lip and body scrubs, soaps and even a live band! We would like to thank parents for their support this afternoon as well as children from years 4 and 5. 

King Arthur Production, by Miss Bennett

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 2:39pm

This morning, year 3 were fortunate enough to watch a wonderful production of King Arthur. It was great to see all of their enthusiam, with some children (and Mr Thomas) joining in and dressing up.

Year 6 stalls Friday afternoon, by Miss Reil

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 6:20am

In aid of different charities, Year 6 are holding stalls as part of their Fiver Challenge this afternoon at 2:45. They will be selling a range of different things for the children in year 4 to purchase and activities to take part in. They are asking if the children in year 4 could bring some change in with them today if they would like to be involved.



2B Art Day with Ticky Lowe, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 1:10pm

On Monday, we made all sorts of wonderful seaside creations with the local artist Ticky Lowe. We made our own felt by rolling small strands of wool together with soapy water and we then practised our plaiting skills. We used our imagination to make unique sea creatures using a range of materials and applied the stitching skills we had practised the previous week. Our messiest table was the tie-dying table... we had so much fun experimenting with different colours and techniques. For our school displays, we wove strips of fabric to make a splashy sea, and attached our lovely sealife to make the sea complete. We hope you enjoy our fantastic artwork!

2B Trip to New Brighton , by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 12:56pm

2B had a marvellous time in New Brighton on Wednesday. We identified human and physical features of the area and helped to clean the beach of litter. We really enjoyed taking care of our local environment, inspired by our learning hero ‘The Little Picker’. Towards the end of the morning we drew the landmarks we could see when facing north, east, south and west. We even had time for a refreshing ice lolly! What a great day we had!

Momentous Boys Trip, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 19th Jun 2019 @ 3:19pm

The Momentous Boys Club leaders treated the members to a trip to Awesome Walls today. The children demonstrated great resilience, confidence, teamwork and strength as they scaled the walls.

6D’s day in New Brighton, by Miss Newton

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 4:43pm

we had a lovely day today in New Brighton. As part of our geography topic we made comparisons between the River Mersey and the Yangtze River in China. We learnt that the River Mersey is just 70 miles long whereas the Yangtze is over 3000! The children carried out some observational sketches and took photographs which we are going to use to make further comparisons.

2C New Brighton Beach Trip, by Mrs Malloy

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 3:17pm

On Monday morning 2C braved the elements to visit New Brighton beach.  Here, with the help of Dave the Coastal Ranger, we collected litter with pickers.  We were fascinated to learn that it takes 1000 years to break down a plastic bag!  Next, we went on a physical and human features walk around the environment, stopping to sketch the Liverpool skyline.  Finally, because we were by the seaside, we all enjoyed a delicious ice lolly.  What a fun morning we had!

6A Chinese Art, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 3:23pm

Most of 6a took part in Bikeability today but some completed some Chinese art instead. Children learnt about the ‘Four Gentlemen’ and recreated them using different brushstrokes. Children then practised some Chinese calligraphy and wrote their names on their masterpieces. We think that the finished pieces look fantastic!

Cross Country fun, by Mrs Walters

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 2:24pm

Children in years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a cross country competition yesterday at upper site.

The children competed against other local Wallasey schools by running two laps of the school field before taking their team mates in.

We didn’t win any medals but everyone had a great time cheering their friends and school mates on.

Mini Police meet police dogs!, by Mrs Walters

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 12:45pm

The Mini Police in years 5 and 6 had a fabulous time this morning meeting four legged members of Merseyside Police and watching a demonstration of their work.

They learnt all about the work of police dogs and, thanks to finally having some dry weather, they were able to watch them in action on the school field.

Thank you to Merseyside Police for arranging a very special visit.

2D Trip to New Brighton, by Mrs Cameron-Ivanov

Date: 18th Jun 2019 @ 10:37am

On Monday 2D and 2C went on a trip to New Brighton.

We spent the first part of the morning taking in the sights and spotted lots of physical and human geography around us. 

During the second part of the morning, we helped Coastal Ranger Dave tidy up New Brighton beach by using some litter pickers to collect washed up plastic and other bits of rubbish. Can you guess how much litter we collected? 2 whole bags which were really heavy. Dave told us to remember to recycle properly and help reduce the amount of plastic we use because it is polluting our seas and rivers.

We also took time to do some sketches of our surrounding area, looking at what we could see in the North, East, South and West, as well as enjoy an ice lolly. How yummy!

6A/B Visit New Brighton , by Mrs Taylor

Date: 17th Jun 2019 @ 2:35pm

6A and 6B braced the weather today for a trip to New Brighton. We walked from school to the boating lake, where we looked at human and physical features using compass points. We then walked to visit the St George’s mermaid and then walked to the Black Pearl to photograph the Liverpool waterfront. We will be using these photographs to sketch the waterfront and will be comparing the River Mersey to the Yangtze River throughout our China study.

6D Salt Dough Dragons, by Miss Newton

Date: 17th Jun 2019 @ 11:56am

This morning we have made our own salt dough and used it to design and create dragons. We are looking forward to painting them next week so they look like authentic Chinese works of art. 

Year 5/6 ESSA National Swimming Finals, by Mrs Horton

Date: 15th Jun 2019 @ 8:47pm

The ESSA National Primary Schools Final took place today at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. We were very proud that our girls medley team qualified for this event. They managed to take 6 secs of their personal best, swimming a combined time of 1:13.54. This placed them at 17th in the country but the top North West school. The competition was very tough and we could not be prouder of how well our girls conducted themselves and performed so well. It was a very long, hot day but all girls were a delight to be with. A huge thank you to the PTA for providing special T-shirt’s and hats. Also thanks to the parents for taking them.

Well done to Zoe, Petra, Eva, Lily and Bea. 

6D/6B First Aid Training, by Miss Newton

Date: 13th Jun 2019 @ 3:40pm

Year 6 first aid training, by Mrs Dunne

Date: 13th Jun 2019 @ 2:37pm

6A/B First Aid Training, by Mrs Taylor

Date: 13th Jun 2019 @ 10:49am

Year 6 have completed first aid training today with MSL Group. They have practised CPR, have seen a defibrillator being used and have explored and used the contents of a first aid kit. 

Tennis success, by Mrs Walters

Date: 12th Jun 2019 @ 3:18pm

Congratulations to our tennis aces in years 3 and 4 who came second in a Wirral tournament this week!

The children competed agains pupils from schools across the peninsula at Thorndale Tennis Club in Wallasey on Wednesday.

Well done to them all!

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