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St George's Primary School - Welcome

Dear Visitor,

We are proud to welcome you to our school and this website.   Our aim is that the website is a 'one stop shop' for families.

Across the country all of us have faced challenges to determine how we best respond to the threat of the coronavirus.  St George’s is no different.  We are currently closed except for children attending Emergency School following the Prime Minister's announcement of a national lockdown on the 4th of January 2021.

Now that our safety plan is secure and operating well, it is important that we clarify our expectations for managing children's education in lockdown.

All children should be accessing full-time education.   During lockdown, we have organised learning so children can access either full-time education at Emergency School in their secure bubbles or through our structured model of remote learning.  Children will flourish if they access either of these models because we will provide continuity and feedback. A hybrid approach is not recommended; that will result in a lack of continuity and disruption to learning.

We will support any family with learning at home with professional guidance from our team, access to laptops and wireless routers, and printed materials.

1.  You can keep upto date  on the school's Covid-19 position and safety plan on our managing coronavirus page.  

2.  All families should be also receiving messages via Scholar Pack.  If you are not getting these please contact us.    Our e-mail address is schooloffice@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk.

3.  You can read our most recent newsletter by clicking here.

4.  Our Emergency School is now full.  We have allocated over 400 places to children of critical workers or those designated as vulnerablePlease remember to only use your place if it is essential.  All children registered should attend school every day.

5.  At the top of the page you will find our Pastoral Support icon  This section has lots of advice for families on a range of topics including safeguarding, mental heath, online safety and other critical issues.   Get in touch if you need support.  Our e-mail address is safeguarding@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk.

6.  We can support remote learning in lockdown.  We have loaned 75 laptops to families and 22 wireless broadband routers.  We do have access to more laptops, wireless routers and 4G SIM cards to support children learning remotely in lockdown.  If your child would benefit from one of these, please contact us by e-mailing schooloffice@stgeorgers.wirral.sch.uk.

We have set up a remote learning help page using the icons on the top of the page or you can read that by clicking here.   Includes full remote learning guide that explains what you should expect from home learning.  We hope this is helpful for our families.  It is a requirement from the Department of Education that every school has this guide published.  This can be read by clicking here.

We have also set up an advice page for home learning.  This can be read by clicking here.

Have a look at our curriculum links page for remote education.  This covers all areas of the curriculum and access to reading books.  This can be accessed by clicking here.

7.  We are working hard to get free school meal vouchers to families whose children is not in emergency school.  We are aiming to get these sent to families from 15th January.  If you believe you are elegible and have not received these please contact us by e-mailing safeguarding@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk.  

8.  Dragon Club remains open to families registered in Emergency School.  You can communicate with Dragon Club through the link below:


9.  Access the department for education's advice for parents and carers during school closures by clicking here.

10.  Information regarding how the school will spend the national tuition grant can be read on our 'Jump Ahead Tuition' page by clicking here.  

11.  We think the Nosy Crow book for children about the Coronavirus is a brilliant resource.  It is written by doctors and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.  It is a really good FREE resource for developing discussions with your children. Access it here.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have. Most recent information can be found in the newsletters published on line each month.

Our school is on a split site with the Foundation Stage (children aged 3 to 5) and Years 1 to 4 on the Lower Site on St. George’s Road. The Upper Site on Claremount Road caters for Years 5 and 6. The school has four classes per year group with more than 800 children attending each day as well as a 60 place nursery setting.

St George's is also home to Dragon Club, our extended services which offers breakfast and afterschool care to over 300 children in our school whilst welcoming any children 3 - 11 over holiday clubs. For more information click here



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