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Data Protection Polices

Like all public bodies we wok assiduously to manage a huge amount of confidential data.

Policies below outline our:

  • Procedures for managing data.
  • Our data protection notices
  • How we manage any concerns regarding data management or a data breach.
  • How individuals can request access to their personal data held by the school.

We will regularly ask you to check the personal data we hold on record for your child, including your emergency contact details, permissions and medical information.  These can be updated by you at any time using our new Compass app and platform from June 204.  

To help ensure we meet GDPR compliance, our Privacy Notice for Pupils and their Families has been updated; a copy is available below.  We will ask all families to indicate that they agree to this as part of your enrolment. 

Our school’s data manager is Mrs Sarah Jones.  She is your initial contact for any data management queries. 

She can be contacted through Mrs Susan Walters the PA to the school's senior leadership team.  Mrs Walters can be contacted by phone, main office or by e-mail. 

E-mail address is

We employ an external Data Protection officer for advice and compliance.   They can be contacted if a dispute arises with the school.

 Data Protection Officer: Judicium Consulting Limited

Address: 72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE



Telephone: 0203 326 9174


data protection poilcy.pdf


data retention policy.pdf


data breach procedure.pdf


cctv policy .pdf