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Our Vision and Values 

We have reviewed our Vision and Values as a school. We want to be challenged to fulfil these aims.   

Our school's mission statement is that we will nurture our community through opportunities, innovation and love.  That pledge extends to our children, families, staff and community partners.

Our learning and teaching policy states how we intend to demonstrate this and ensure that our work reflects our RESPECT model.

Our Vision:

Our children deserve the best possible education.   They will receive an education that promotes;

  • Positive attitudes to learning that are the foundation of their future.   
  • Independent learners.  At St George’s Primary School, we will develop ‘smart’ learners who understand that hard work, progress and resilience are the essential ingredients for a successful future.
  • Children who are; Happy! Safe! Confident!
  • A respectful community.  We should have a community where children and staff have respect for others
  • A passion and love for learning.  Our children should access a curriculum that inspires and motivates them.  Learning will be a process of exploration and wonder that develops interest and understanding in all areas of learning.
  • Skills for life
  • Community values and respect of the environment.  We want our children to view themselves as part of a community.  We will help our children find their voice and allow them to understand to contribute to our local and global community as positive citizens.

Our Values:

St George’s Primary School is a ‘learning community’.  How we work and grow together is more important than what we do.  We believe that it is the ‘how’ we do things that characterises the most successful schools.  We must be a highly successful school.

At St George’s Primary School, we ensure that:

  1. Everybody receives high quality provision; all of the time.
    1. As a professional community, we have an obligation to ensure that our work is as good as it can be, every day.  We do not accept under-performance and aim to support each other as we develop.
    2. We ensure that our school community follows our school’s vision and values
  1. Children learn with the support that they need to thrive and without discrimination at all times.
    1. As a professional community we meet the needs of all our children as well as we can.  We will ensure that we do not allow any child to be discriminated against or experience discrimination without a direct intervention.
    2. As a learning community all our children will learn without discrimination.  This must be respected by staff, pupils and parents.
  1. Our school is committed to continually improving as a learning organisation.
    1. As a professional community, all members have an obligation to develop.  This is evident in how we engage as professional learners and our commitment to support improvements in school policy.  At St George’s Primary we do not accept ‘second best’.
    2. As a learning community we involve pupils, parents and other members of our school community.  We recognise that their input and support is vital.  We celebrate and value the importance of these partnerships.

These values are at the heart of our planning and delivery.  They guide our school daily as we seek to improve.