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Ofsted & Results 

School Performance, Exam Results and Ofsted

Please visit the governors' statutory reports stage for reports on school's standards and other statutory reports.

Please see the following link that will direct you to the relevant page of the DfE school performance tables website.

You can read our 2023 OFSTED report online by clicking here.

The report was an ungraded inspection which means that the school was assessed to see if we remain a good school since our last published inspection in 2017. We did have a two day inspection in April 2021 but that was informally reported because of Covid-19.

The report highlights that we remain a good school with many strengths and two areas of improvement.

We are delighted to see that the report highlights:

  • Our wonderful children; their conduct and attitudes towards learning. Our children are safe, happy and enjoy coming to school.
  • The biggest improvement in the school has been the ambition across the curriculum and the report highlights this. We want our children to love learning and achieve well in all thirteen subjects.
  • That children's personal development is a priority at St George's.
  • That our staff team are proud to work at St George's and feel valued.
  • That our governing body is effective.
  • That our school has effective safeguarding processes and a strong safeguarding culture.

The Ways Forward:

The ways forward identified by OFSTED reflect the school's current work and the priorities of senior leaders and governors. These are our stepping stones to excellence.

  • In some curriculum areas, we are sometimes teaching too much. Our curriculum ambition and teaching is good but it needs refinement so children always achieve the key learning. In practical terms this could be a focus on too many artists in a unit of work, the breadth of vocabulary in French or the new vocabulary that children should master in a new unit of geography. This work is nearly complete with a few refinements needed in specific units of work, so it is excellent in every subject and year group.
  • Children already achieve well at St George's. When children have been exposed to our curriculum of excellence in Early Years and Key Stage One over a period of time, their achievement is well above national for all groups regardless of gender, special needs or other factors. Our aim is to ensure that as children are exposed to this throughout key stage two, they will also have achievement well above national standards

We were also visited by OFSTED and five of Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMIs) for a 2 day trial inspection in April 2021.  This was part of OFSTED's return to schools after the pandemic.  This meant that it was an unpublished inspection.  However, we were delighted to see the school's strengths celebrated in this inspection and our work to improve the quality of our curricuum validated.  

Parents can visit our OFSTED's 'Parent View' page if the want to leave their feedback with OFSTED by clicking here.

Files to Download

10256196 - St George's Primary School - 104995 -Final PDF.pdf