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Year 6

We are pleased to welcome you to the Year 6 page. The main need-to-know information can be found here as the year progresses. Watch out for continual updates on our blog to see what our Year 6s have been up to. If you have a general query, please email If your query requires a more immediate answer, please email and we shall endeavour to reply as soon as we can.

To familiarise yourself with the site on Claremount Road, have a watch of Miss Pickering's tour of Top Site

The main team who will be leading your children for the academic year, 2023/24 are:



Support Staff

6A Ms Spurdle

 Miss M Jones

6B Mrs Taylor & Mr Nathan
6C Miss Lewis
6D Mrs Elniff
6E Mr Knowles

Other adults that will work with Year 5 are our HLTA, Mrs Roberts (PPA cover), and Mrs Pue-Richards (music teacher). On PE days, children are able to wear their PE kit to school on their allocated day.


From Monday 13th until Thursday 16th May (inclusive), we will be inviting Year 6 children in from 8.15am for a soft start to their day. We will have fruit and snacks available. Children should bring in their water bottles and their usual snacks. It is essential that children are in school on time, relaxed and organised for SATs week.

End of Year Reports and Assessments

Your children are working really hard at the moment. We have a duty to ensure that their curriculum continues until the end of the year to ensure that they are fully prepared for secondary school. Teachers will be ensuring that full assessments are completed and that information is shared with families and their new school.

End of year reports, including end of key stage standard attainment test (SATs) results, will be sent home on Friday 12th July. The delay for Year 6 is because the government is not publishing SATs results until Tuesday 9th July. We will then need a few days to validate the results before we share these with families. If this date changes, we will let you know.

Year 6 Performance

Year 6 children will be taking part in an end of year performance. Details on the performance, dates and ticket prices will be sent by the school office in early June.

Year 6 Photograph Day – 4th June

We have organised for your children to be photographed on Tuesday 4th June. Children must be in full uniform for their photographs. Whole school photographs will be available for the subsidised cost of £10 per child. We will contact you about ordering and purchase arrangements for these in June.

End of Year Organisation

Tuesday 16th July will be your child’s last day in their Year 6 class at St George’s.

They will be in a Year 6 transition camp held at Wallasey Oval Cricket Club between 17th - 19th July. We will write to you about this with full details in June. Dragon Club will still be available for families. The transition camp will be led by St George's staff with support from Activity for All.

Any children not wishing to participate in this will be able to access a remote learning offer.

End of Year Celebrations for Pupils and Families

We are finalising arrangements for the end of year celebrations over the next month. Our initial plan is as follows:

Children will have a leaving party on the evening of Wednesday 10th July between 6 - 8pm. Further details to follow in July. We will invite families to join us at the end for photographs. PTA will fund all costs for this party. We will provide food, drinks, disco, photo booth, decorations etc. Dress to impress and have fun!

Parents will be invited on site from 7.45pm to take photographs and capture the last of the celebrations.

Children’s leaving celebration for families will take place on Tuesday 16th July @ 10.00am at Claremount Church.

The event will be a celebration of your child’s talents and time at St George’s Primary School.

After the celebration we would like to invite all families to the school grounds for cakes and fruit punch.

After the celebration is over, you can take your children home so they finish their class time at St George’s on a high note. This will all be completed by 11.45am.

Shirt and Book Signing

We will allow children to sign each other’s shirts and books on Monday 15th July only.

Transition to Secondary School

Mr Nathan and the staff team are already liaising with our secondary school colleagues to ensure that secondary transition is well-managed. The children’s secondary transition day will take place on Wednesday 3rd July. Your child will have the opportunity to visit their secondary school on this date. Details should be sent to you by your child’s new school. It is the responsibility of parents to arrange transport to and from your child’s secondary school. Children are expected to wear their St George’s uniform.

Some secondary schools are organising additional transition events. They will write to you directly about these.

Children attending Woodchurch High will not have the opportunity to attend a transition day on the 3rd July. They will have a remote learning offer on this date.

Diary Dates

SATs tests: Monday 13th - Thursday 16th May 2024

Y6 photograph: Tuesday 4th June

Secondary transition day: Wednesday 3rd July (except for children moving to Woodchurch High)

Leavers’ disco: Wednesday 10th July (6pm - 8pm)

End of year reports and SATs results: Friday 12th July.

Shirt and book signing: Monday 15th July

Leavers’ assembly at Claremount Church: Tuesday 16th July (10am)

Last day in Year 6 class: Tuesday 16th July

Transition Camp at Oval Cricket Club: Wednesday 17th - Friday 19th of July



Y6 Performance

Sports Day