Foundation 1 2021 - 2022

Your teachers are:

F1A - Mrs Noakes with Mrs Kendrick

F1B - Mrs Williams with Mrs Makinson

F1C - Mrs Evans with Miss Burgwin


Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Binks

Please see Mrs Noakes' and Mr Cassidy's welcome videos below:  - - video from Mrs Noakes - video from Mr Cassidy

Our teachers have also produced videos reading a story for their new pupils: - F1A video with Mrs Noakes  - F1B teacher video with Mrs Williams - F1C teacher video with Mrs Evans


Welcome to all of our 2021-22 F1 children and families. We are looking forward to a fun filled year. Please check the website and your child's Seesaw account for regular updates on our learning activities.

Your child will be provided with a Seesaw account. If you have any issues with logging into Seesaw please email the school .

Below is a sample timetable for F1 - if you have any question please speak to your class teacher.

F1 Sample Timetable 2021-22.png

The children will be set activities on Seesaw each Friday. These are to be completed on Seesaw and should be completed before the following Wednesday.


Below is a summary of the different focuses within our curriculum during the autumn 1 half term.



In Literacy we will be learning all about Autumn. We will be noticing how nature changes as we move into autumn using all of our senses. The children will practice orally, telling each other about what they can see, hear, feel, taste and notice. The children will be encouraged to mark make to represent what they have learnt. We teach all of our literacy lessons through books and the books for this half term are below.    

Goodbye Summer.jpg

  Leaf man.jpg

Leaf trouble.jpg

Say Hi.jpg 

Our focus during the coming weeks will be oracy (encouraging the children to vocalise their thoughts, share ideas and listen to their friends), mark making and sentence stems (children using the same sentence opening for example "I can see...", "I can hear..." etc)

We will be encouraging lots of mark making to explore the starting blocks of writing.


In Mathematics the children will learn one number each half term. During that time they will explore everything about the number to gain a full understanding of all of the mathematics concepts. Before looking at numbers the children explore different skills involved in mathematics, including pattern, comparison, colour and sorting. After half term we will learn mathematics through books to give the children a hook into the lessons.

Knowledge and Understanding:

The children will look at what happens to our food when it is cooked and they will make some taste autumn food. They will also explore their "Own Life Story" and how it makes us who we are.

All of our Knowledge and Understanding learning can be found throughout our continuous provision where the children can choose what activities they want to engage in.


This half term we will be looking at using natural autumn objects to make pieces of art. At St George's we refer to using natural objects in our learing as "Loose Parts" and the children will explore leaves, conkers, sticks and pine cones to create art..


At St George's we have a RESPECT framework, which the children follow throughout the school. Each half term the children learn about different characteristics of learning. The first characteristic is Resilience. We think about how it is important to keep trying our best, and how they can show resilience in their learning.

Alongside each characteristic of learning the children will also be introduced to a Learning Hero. Each Learning Hero is someone who shows our characteristic of learning, and this will help the children to learn more about the positive characteristic.

In F1 our Learning Hero for Autumn 1 is The Little Red Hen, from the Traditional tale "The Little Red Hen", the hen shows lots of resilience when trying to ask her friends to help her to bake the bread. The Little Red Hen continues to try her best in every activity, even when her friends do not help her. We hope that understanding how The Little Red Hen shows resilience will help the children to show resilience in their learning.

Little red hen.jpg

The children will also be learning our Georgie Bear Rules and how we need to behaviour in our classroom to ensure we can all learn in the best environment. The rules are:

  • Using our listening ears
  • Using our looking eyes
  • Sitting on our bottoms on the carpet
  • Having kind hands, kind feet and kind words
  • Using walking feet
  • Using our indoor voices


Forset School:

We are a "Forest School" school at St George's. During the children's year in Foundation 1 they have the opportunity to attend forest school in our Centenary Garden.

While at Forest School the children learn about the different seasons, mini-beasts, birds and much more. The children are allowed to experience nature first hand and enjoy being allowed to dig in the mud in all weathers. 

Physical Education (PE):

Every Thursday the children will have a PE lesson, children should attend school wearing their full PE kits. The children will be taught PE from a fully trained PE specalist, Miss Rimmer.


This year we have a new music room within the EYFS building. We are lucky to have a specialist music teaching attending school every Friday, allowing every child to take part in a exciting new music programme.


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