Year 1 2020 - 2021


A big welcome to year 1 for all of our F2 children. We look forward to seeing you very soon. Please click here to see the transition powerpoint. This is for parents of children moving from F2 to year 1. We will also hold a Zoom Q and A session on Thursday 1st July at 5:30pm.

Phonics Screening Check

The children in year 1 will be taking part in a phonics assessment during the week beginning Monday 21st June 2021. Please   Click here to view more information on this. Your child will have brought home some extra words to practise. 

There are also some great free games on 

Please remember that every week your child is set a new decodale book to read on . These books have been allocated to your child based on the sounds that they can currently read.


Welcome Back and Hello to Summer! 


We are excited to welcome all our children back after the Easter holidays and to have all our Year 1 team back on site. We hope that you have had a fun time during the break.


In Literacy we will be looking at the story of St George and the Dragon, as we celebrate St George's Day in the second week back. The writing focus will be on poetry.



We will then be moving on to look at a non-fiction text about our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.


The Literacy focus will be on continuing to practise our correct letter formation, using basic punctuation - full stops and capital letters and writing in full sentences. We will also be reading through Read Write Inc in our groups and practising reading and writing our Year 1 Common Exception words. It is important that we develop our fluency in reading throughout the summer term by trying to read every day.


We will be continuing to look at place value, embedding the value of tens and ones in numbers above 20.

Then we will move onto groups of (multiplication) and sharing (division).

As usual, we will work with concrete apparatus and pictorial cues before we move to the abstract/calculations.



In Science we will completing our unit about parts of animals - the senses- and then moving on to look at types of animals - mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and amphibians. We will also be learning the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate.





We will be learning about the Queen, her palace, her coronation, her job and her family.




Then we will look at the family relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria, ahead of learning about Queen Victoria for the remainder of the term. This half term we will look particularly at Victorian inventions.




This half term we will be looking at portraits, taking an online tour of the National Portrait Gallery and studying the life and works of the artist Picasso. We will have the opportunity to draw two self portraits in different media and to create our own recycled milk bottle King or Queen sculpture. 




Our RESPECT hero for Summer 1 is Prince William. We will be looking at why he is a role-model for EXCELLENCE, his involvement with charity work and how we can strive to be excellent in our lives.

In RE we will be looking at the values love and forgiveness and learning about the story of the Prodigal Son in more detail.





We will be taking part in a multi-school singing event on Friday 23rd April to mark St George's Day.

Classes have been learning two songs about saving the planet to sing simultaneously with hundreds of other schools. It promises to be an amazing community singing event.       






Welcome to year 1. 

We are very excited to meet you. 

The year 1 team have added some videos for you to get to know them below.Year 1 welcome video

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold our usual information evening for parents; however, we have attached a powerpoint with some useful information for you.Moving from EYFS to year 1

If your child is self isolating they are able to access daily lessons please click on the 'Self-isolating Hub' tab on our home page. 

Any questions please contact Mrs Horton via the school office



Mrs Horton is the Assistant Head for year 1 and will teach and support throughout the unit.


Our Weekly Timetable







Reading Books to be returned.

Homework completed.

1B, 1D




Reading books sent home.

Homework set.




Challenge Zone Area

We have been busy bees the last few weeks in our challenge areas. We have built numicon cities, made our own superheros, used the bond builder app for number bonds to 6 and even created our own art work in the style of Matisse. Here are some photo's below. Keep checking the see-saw app for more pictures of your child's learning and for the weekly homework.




Road Safety Awareness

We have been learning about road safety this week in Year One. We have designed posters to teach other children about this. Take a look at some of the posters we made.





Autumn 2 

RESPECT and behaviour

This half term we have been learning about the word EMPATHY, and what it means to us. This term our learning hero is David Attenborough. The children have been very informative about all the work that he has done to save the planet and the natural world.

The Year 1 curriculum


The children are continuing with their daily Read, Write Inc lesson, where they will learn a new sound each day. The children are encouraged to spot the special friends in the word first, then to sound it out before blending it to read the word. The children use their Fred fingers to pinch the sounds before writing the word.

During our writing lessons we are encouraging the children to leave finger spaces between every word, to start their sentences with a capital letter and full stop at the end of the sentence. Children refer to the speed sound charts to help with spelling choices during their writing.

Children will take part in oracy, shared reading and writing activities based on our focused texts:



This term's maths will focus on exploring numbers to 20, with specific emphasis on teen numbers, counting in twos, doubles and halving. We will use a mastery approach to practical problem solving, by taking each number within 10 to invest addition and subtraction operations, whilst incorporating, shape, space and measure in contexts.


In Science we will be looking at the changes in each of the seasons, with a focus on Autumn - weather, clothing, temperature, hours of daylight and key seasonal features. We will then look at exploring and identifying everyday Materials, including some simple investigations, where we will be predicting the expected outcomes first. 


Our art activities this term will be looking at the primary colours and how they can be mixed to make secondary colours. We will use the primary colours in our artwork to create work in the style of Mondrian. We will use a paint computer program to create Mondrian work. In cross curricular links to our work with shapes, we will look at the artist Matisse and try to re-create his work.


In Geography we will be continuing our work on the school community to expand our research to look at the local area, focusing on the human and physical features of Wallasey. We will hopefully be able to take the children on a fieldwork walk around Wallasey village. 


In RE we are learning about Remembrance day and why we wear poppies. At the beginning of December we will look at how Christians celebrate Christmas, including advent, the Christmas story and how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.



Here are some photographs of the children in each class showing their support for mental health and wellbeing. We used props and made posters to promote discussion about mental health and feelings.




Every Friday the children in Year 1 will be given maths and spelling homework.  This homework must be returned by the following Wednesday. 



We would encourage children in year 1 to read every day and suggest that reading is a minimum of 4 times during the week. During the autumn term, we will be sending 2 books home on a Friday and they need to be returned by Wednesday. Please record any reading in your child's yellow reading diary. 

RESPECT and Behaviour

During this half term the children will be learning about the word RESILIENCE and what this means to them. They will be thinking about how they can use resilience to overcome difficulties and to help them to progress academically and socially. Each week the teachers will nominate one child that they have noticed being resilient. These children will be known as our ‘Learning Heroes’. They will receive a special certificate in assembly and will have their picture displayed on the wall. During the first week back at school the children have created class charters in which they discuss their own roles and responsibilities with regards to their behaviour and conduct in school. It has been a very positive way to start the school year with the children keen to follow their charters and stay in the positive behaviour zones.

Each half term the children have a  learning hero to help them to learn about positive character attributes. These people are a mix of famous people who the children may or may not have heard of. We are beginning the year with learning about a fictional character. Judy Hopps is featured in Zootropolis. She is determined to make the world a better place while breaking preconceptions about other species. She has had to show resilience to become the first bunny to join the police force. We hope that this learning hero will bring some fun as the children think about their own characters. 


Year 1 Curriculum

Our curriculum map can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.

The children will begin the year by focusing on learning and practising geographical skills in our school and local area. This will include bird's eye view, creating maps and making simple observations of their surroundings.

During their DT lessons children will be designing and making their own houses out of construction kits. We will have a special focus on giving feedback and evaluating our designs.


Children will continue to have daily Read Write Inc lessons. During these lessons they will practise their phonics and read and write daily. Children will also take part in shared reading and writing lessons throughout the term.  The key texts that they will be using this term will be:

Front Cover


Image result for shirley hughes out and about






Additional Information


  • If you would like your child to practice their phonics sounds we recommend which is packed with free games.


If there is anything else YOU feel would be useful to have on the website please ask your class teacher.


  • If you feel you want more resources at home to support the teaching of phonics, the RWI sound cards are available on amazon. Speak to your class teacher if you are unsure whether set 1, 2 or 3 is appropriate for your child. 
  • If you would like more guided reading books to complete with your child at home please visit and create a free account. The books are banded and have questions at the end to aid comprehension.

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