Year 4 2020 - 2021

Hello and welcome to year 4

We are very excited to meet you. 

The year 4 team have added a video for you to get to know them below.Year 4 welcome video

We have attached a powerpoint with some useful information for you.Moving from year 3 to year 4

Any questions please contact the school office and we will get back to you. 

If your child is having to self isolate then please go to the self isolation hub on the home page and click on the link to access daily learning. 


The Year 4 team are:


Miss Berry


Mrs Saunders


Miss Lewis


Miss Reil


Mrs Chambers

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Beven

Mrs Chambers is the Assistant Head Teacher for year 4.  


Our Weekly Timetable





Book bag brought in daily with accelerated reading books 

At the moment book bags with their reading books should only be taken home on a Friday and brought back in on a Monday.







Homework completed and returned

At the moment homework will be collected each half term. The next due date is:  14th December 2020.







All homework sent out



RESPECT and Behaviour

During this half term the children will be learning about the word Empathy and what this means to them. They will be thinking about how they can show empathy in different situations. Each week the teachers will nominate one child that they have noticed showing empathy. These children will be known as our ‘Learning Heroes’. They will receive a special certificate in assembly. We will also look at a fantastic role model. This term our special learning hero is Marcus Rashford.  Ask the children to tell you why we think he is someone to admire.



Year 4 Curriculum

Our Curriculum Map can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


We began this year by exploring the book, 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We have had discussions about our planet and how special it is. We have written about our favourite place and a letter to our special learning hero.

Moving on we have explored poetry from the wondeful anthology, 'I Don't Like Poetry' by Joshua Seigal. Our focus was on a fantastic poem called, 'Just A Book?' We used this model and write our own poems about dreams and schools. During this we investigated the techniques poets use including a range of figurative language.

During the second half of the Autumn Term we will be enjoying an exciting story called, 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' by Joe Todd-Stanton, This will inspire us to write our own myths and create new creatures to describe.


To start this new year, we have been looking at the digestive system. We have described, sequenced and investigated the simple functions and the basic parts of the digestive system in humans. We have taken part in an exciting activity which modelled this process. We will now go on to identify and name the different types of teeth in humans and some other animals, and their functions. We will explore how their teeth could decay and how they could keep teeth healthy by setting and investigation, substituting eggshells as a close representation of human teeth and observing the eggshells in different liquids over time. We will then use our results to draw conclusions and raise further questions. We will also have had the opportunity to make a comparison of the various qualities of toothpastes.

In Autumn Two, we will be working towards answering the question, ‘How can we make different sounds?’ We will identify and describe different sounds and we will explore that sounds are produced by vibrations and that these vibrations travel from the source of the sound through a variety of materials to the ear. We will investigate how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases and we will investigate changing the pitch of sounds and find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produced it. We will have the opportunity to investigate sound through creating their own instruments and we will investigate the pattern between the volume of a sound and the strength of vibrations which produced it. Outside we will use equipment to measure the volume of various sounds and to notice that sounds get fainter as the distance from the source of the sound increases.


In Geography, we will be looking at answering our key enquiry question: What are the differences and similarities between different regions within Europe? Firstly, we will use maps, Google Earth and Oddizzi to find out which countries comprise Europe. We will explore the range of climates, biomes, physical features, including rivers and human features of the different countries across the different regions of Europe. We will then compare the similarities and differences between the different regions, answering our enquiry question. Throughout the term will also develop our geographical skills through class work and outdoor learning in mapwork and 4 and 6 figure grid references.


In Autumn Two, we will be exploring the Ancient Greeks. We will be working towards exploring our key enquiry question: What were the main achievements of the Greeks and how did they influence Britain? Firstly, we will investigate the key features of modern Greece and its location, linking this back to our work on Europe. We will then go on to explore Ancient Greece through primary and secondary resources. We will create a timeline of the periods they have already studied in year three and place Ancient Greek period alongside these. We will explore the Gods and Goddesses the Greeks worshiped, compare the Ancient Olympics to the modern-day Olympics and look at how the Ancient Greek language and writing influenced our own. Following this, we will explore the achievements of Alexander the Great. Finally, we will answer our enquiry question by gathering all our learning together and creating a class museum of the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and how they influenced Britain.


This term we will be taking inspiration from Andy Warhol's art by creating bright, bold prints. Linking to our Geography topic on Europe, the children will choose a famous landmark from a European country and create a printing block to represent this. They will then choose their colour scheme and begin printing, repeating their pattern to emulate Andy Warhol's infamous style. A second printing block will be created to add detail to their work.  Children will plan, create and critique their work.


This term in French the children will be learning about counting up in 10s, building on their knowledge of counting to 20 from Year 3. The children will be shown different towns in France, and compare them to Wallasey, as well as learning key phrases to talk about where they live. As well as practising the spoken language, they will be learning to recognise key sounds and root words to support their spelling and writing in French. Their lessons will include videos and songs in French, as well as our fantastic Linguascope programme which the children thoroughly enjoy engaging with.


This term in PSHE, the children will be taking part in lessons about e-safety, personal development and personal finance. In e-safety, the children will focus keeping safe online with a focus on privacy settings, and in personal development, they will look at the human life cycle. Personal finance education is new to our curriculum this year and we are really excited to help our pupils become money savvy. The PSHE curriculum is attached below if you would like to see what is being taught and at what time in the year.

Accessing Google Classroom for Home Learning

All your child's homework will now be set on Google Classroom which can be accessed using the email address and password sent home on Log In sheets. All children have been given a spelling book and a maths book, which are to remain at home and these will support the home learning set each week. Below is a link to a step by step guide ('Home Learning Guidance') of how to access Google Classroom and Spelling Shed using your childs log ins.









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