60 Second Challenge - Star Jumps

Star Jump Competition 






Throughout the school, the children have been taking part in a 60 second, personal best challenges. The current challenge the children were taking part in involved seeing how many star jumps they could complete in 60 seconds, competing against other children in their class and other classes in their year group.

In Years 3 and 4, the children have been enthusiastically taking part at the start of P.E lessons, at playtimes and at home, in order to beat their personal best scores in preparation for competition week. 

The results have been counted. Here are the class totals:

1st-  3A 2752

2nd- 3C 2423

3rd-   3D 2027

4th- 3B 1987


1st-  4D 2718

2nd-  4A 2514

3rd-  4B 2219

4th- 4C 1935

Congratulations to our winners- 3A and 4D, and to all classes for showing great resilience, enthusiasm and determination to improve your personal best scores.

Congratulations also goes to our bronze, silver, and gold medal winners in each class, who managed to record the highest total number of star jumps in their classes.

The next 60 second challenge starts this week, and runs until the 14th May.  This personal best challenge is to complete as many burpees as you can in 60 seconds. The activity card is attached below! 












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