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Education provided in maintained schools should be free and no pupil’s education should be affected by his or her parent’s unwillingness or inability to pay or to contribute towards the cost of a pupil’s education. A Governing Body cannot charge for activities occurring wholly within school time and for the purposes of the National Curriculum with the exception of individual or group music tuition. Charges may be levied for board and lodging in relation to residential trips. Full guidance and further details can be found in this DfE link:


The Governing Body cannot charge for activities undertaken during school hours in relation to the National Curriculum. Non-residential school trips are likely to be funded by the receipt of voluntary contributions through our pupil premium funding and no pupil shall be excluded from activity through unwillingness or inability to contribute payment(s).


  1. This policy is available from the school to all parents/carers.  It is reviewed annually and placed on the school’s website.


  1. Parents will not be asked to pay in cash or kind for materials which are being used in any curriculum activities.


  1. Parents may be asked for payment towards the cost of repairing or replacing any part of the fabric of the school or any item of school property which has been damaged or lost as a result of their child’s behaviour.


  1. Parents will be asked to pay for examination fees in the circumstances outlined in the Authority’s policy statement.  This may include musical examinations.


  1. School trips and visits are an important part of the curriculum offered by our school.  Parents are not required to pay for such visits, but may be asked to make voluntary contributions towards their cost.


No pupil will be excluded from a school trip because of his or her parents’ unwillingness or inability to contribute, but it is hoped that parents will feel able to support the school in its efforts to provide a full and interesting curriculum for all its pupils.


If the contributions made are not sufficient to enable a planned trip to take place, the Head teacher may cancel the trip or make such changes to the organisation of the trip as they think necessary.


At St George’s we promote this through our one off pupil learning guarantee payment of £15.00 (details are in September letter)


  1. There will be no charge for music tuition provided as part of our national curriculum.


  1. There will be a charge for peripatetic tuition in string, keyboard and brass instruments.  That will be discounted for children eligible for the pupil premium.  These charges are clearly explained to parents in KS2 at the start of the year.


  1. All trips and visits will be organised under the direction of the Head teacher and in accordance with the guidelines issued by Wirral Education Authority (Circular 1/86). No school visit will take place without the approval of the head teacher.  Staff organising such trips will be responsible to the Head teacher at all times.


  1. Parents will be asked to meet some of the transport, board and lodging costs of residential trips unless they are in receipt of state benefit(s) during any period when the trip is taking place.  If that is the case a discount of at least £40 will be offered.


  1. Parents may be charged for activities before or after school.  These are defined as “optional extras”, that is, activities which are provided mainly out of school hours and which are not part of the school curriculum.  This will include clubs provided by external providers (not school staff).  If parents would like their children to take part in such activities but are unable to meet the full cost, financial assistance may be available; the Head teacher is happy to talk to parents in confidence about that possibility.


Clubs provided by school staff will be free.  There may be a small charge for equipment in clubs such as cookery etc.


There will be no charge for clubs funded through the school’s sports grant.


  1. Charges will be made for school dinners unless pupils have a current Free School Meal registration. Receipts for meal payments will be issued by the school administrator if requested by parents as many families pay online using ParentPay. All monies will be paid into the school budget account as meal income.

Meal   =       £2.10 per day, R – Y6

Nursey meals are free of charge as part of our 30 hours provision.

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