Data Protection Information

At St George's we are committed to ensuring that we have the highest standards for data protection.

Our attached policies and notices explain our procedures.  These have been updated in line with the new UK GDPR requirements established in November 2021.  

We have been working on steps to securely digitalise all pupil and staff records on Scholar Pack.  That process was completed in May 2021.

Data protection procedures include:

  • All records are held centrally and locked.
  • All staff who can access records are trained in data protection (to Level 2 standard).
  • All electronic records are password protected.
  • All IT stations are password protected.  Passwords are changed montly and are Alphanumeric.

Mrs Chris Roberts is our Data Protection Officer.  She can be contacted via the school office.

We have also attached our CCTV policy.

We will issue updated privacy notices in 2022 after legal advice is received.  

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