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Y3 pupils re-enacting the mummification process at the Liverpool World Museum


Banner on the gates of Upper Site during Black History Month: Black History is Our History





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Y6 learning how to enlist in the British Army, learnt first aid and explored some artefacts from life in the trenches



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Y6 pupils marking the 100 year anniversary of the Royal British Legion on Remembrance Day


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Local artist, Joseph Venning, combined many of our children's ideas within the mural that is displayed at Lower Site


Y5/6 pupils visited The Playhouse Theatre to witness the spectacle, 'Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World'


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Many of the skills your children learn in maths and English could also be utilised here. Drawing a map to scale, interpreting facts and figures, constructing timelines all require mathematical skills. When your child is playing the role of historian, geographer or theologian their comprehension skills will be required as they read through a range of sources. The history and geography curriculum outlines can be found by clicking on the subject name. 
Screenshot 2023-04-22 184506.png Explore this resource to its fullest - lots of content about animals, science, history and  geography to feed your children's curiosity. 
If your child is interested in our planet and the wondrous creatures within it, this YouTube channel may be the one for them. A range of programming available, including: Earth Sketch Pad, VIPets, Bugface and Deadly 60. 
Google Earth have outdone themselves. A truly magnificent range of topics covered in Ultra HD detail. Worth a peruse. 
BBC History have a whole host of history content - ancient history to modern history and everything in between. Sites like this will not only  build your child's indepedence of learning, but feed their intrigue of the world that surrounds them.
A comprehensive encyclopedia of history, including easy-to-follow lesson plans, quizzes to consolidate knowledge and worksheets to move learning along.
An old-school website packed full of useful information about the continents of the world and all its countries from a historical and geographical perspective.


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