'Jump Ahead' Tuition Program and 'Summer Camp'

Attached is the school's '2022-23 Jump Ahead' tuition report and plan.   


At St George’s we have worked assiduously to maximise tuition opportunities as part of the government’s national tutoring programme.

At St George’s we have called our programme ‘Jump Ahead Tuition’.  The programme is designed to help children thrive in their learning.  It is not a catch up initiative.

We have utilised 2 of the 3 routes for providing subsidised tuition through deploying

  • tuition partners– tutors recruited by external tutoring organisations quality-assured by DfE.  At St George’s we have worked closely with our chosen tuition partners at The Tutor Trust.
  • school-led tutoringprogrammes– members of our team have delivered well though through tuition programmes

Our 2023 tuition offer will be shared with families in January 2023.



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