Lower Site Building Work and Disruption April - June 2024


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Dear Families,

Following a series of meetings with council staff, building contractors and school staff we now have most of the arrangements in place for year three’s relocation to upper site after the Easter Holiday due to the building work taking place at lower site.

Key details are below.   Mr Cassidy's family presentation can be read at the bottom of this page.

We have scheduled a family meeting for any families with further questions at 4.30pm on Monday 25th March at the upper site main hall. You can also email any further questions directly to Mrs Walters, PA to the Senior Leadership Team. Her email address is susan.walters@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk.

Year 3 children are also having visits to top site with their class teachers before the end of term.

Start Date

Monday 15th April

Projected End Date

Friday 21st June

However, this will be subject to the contractors and the works being completed).

Start of School Day

School day will start at 8.25am. 

●      Gate will be open from 8.20am. 

●      Children will go to the sports hall. This will be used as their cloakroom and collection area by year 3 teachers.

●      There will be staff on the door ready to take any messages (the same arrangement that we have at lower site).

End of the School Day

School day will end at 2.55pm

●      Parents will collect children on the upper site playground.

●      Gate for parents to collect will be open from 2.50pm.

●      We will ensure that we support families who cannot make this earlier collection time with additional supervision until 3.20pm (usual collection time.). If you need access to this additional support, please complete our simple Google form by clicking here.

Teaching Areas

Created 5 teaching areas for the exclusive use of year 3.

●      Have two large temporary classrooms

●      Science Lab

●      ICT Suite

●      Temporary classroom and cloakroom in Sports Hall

●      Outdoor teaching areas including forest school and the Saxon Camp

Teaching resources

All necessary books and equipment will be moved to top site.

Children will have access to their normal technology, reading books and all necessary classroom equipment.

Play Areas

●      Year 3 will have their own designated play area at the rear of the main building with play equipment, seating areas and access to the Saxon Camp.

●      Playtime will be 10.00am – 10.20am each day.


●      Year 3 will go in first for lunch.

●      Lunchtime will be between 11.40am – 12.40pm

●      Families should order lunch as normal on Parent Pay.

Dragon Club

Note that Dragon Club will operate at upper site from:

●       7.30 - 8.30am in the morning.

●       2.55 - 6.00pm in the evening.


●       Children attending Dragon Club should be dropped off and collected from the main office entrance.  Please note that Dragon Club have their own buzzer in the foyer area.

School Clubs

There will be some after-school clubs at top site. However, these will be limited due to reduced space. We will run:

●      Home learning club.

●      Music clubs

●      Some other curriculum clubs (details to be sent home)


Children will have access to all the P.E facilities at top site. Staff are planning to make use of the field and opportunities for outdoor exercise.  Class teachers will write to you about allocated P.E days.  Children will need trainers.


Normal uniform applies. We would advise:

●      Sun hat for outdoor play

●      Trainers for playtimes, brought in a carrier bag. There is a lot of grass play areas at top site.

●      Water bottles (Children have outside filling stations at top site).


Each class will have a designated toilet area. 

We have 3 toilet blocks at upper site and an additional toilet in the Sports Hall.


●      We will move and check all medication on 15th April.

●      Any prescribed medication that needs administering should be handed to Mrs Jones at the top site office.

Fire Drills and Safety

Space at top site means that we can manage safety drills easily.

Children will have a fire drill on 15th April (their first day at top site), so they know their assembly points.

Are Year 4 Moving?

Two Year 4 classes are being relocated at lower site.

●    4A are moving to ground floor staffroom area.

●    4E are moving to 2E classroom.


Children in Year 4 will still use the same entrances and have the same routines for start and end of the school day.

Why have Year 3 Been Chosen?

Their classrooms are access point for contractors. Year 3 had to relocate.

Moving 5 classes and 120 children with everything they need to learn is a huge logistical challenge.

If we had chosen another year group that would have increased the scale of the challenge and would not have been achievable.


We hope the information in this letter gives families all the information that they need. I will be at upper site to welcome families on 15th April and ensure that everybody is clear on the arrangements.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr Cassidy

Head Teacher


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