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This week is the week leading up to our national Census. In Foundation 2 we have spoken in classes about what a census means and what we can do to help. We decided to collect information about the different fruit we have delivered to our class each day. We kept a log of the fruits and then created a pictogram to show this.

We are sending this to the office so we know what fruits we should order next week! Well done F2! 


Year 4 Maths Week England

This week in Year 4 we have celebrated Maths Week England. We have participated in the TT Rockstars competition, with many children beating their high scores! In PSHE we have completed our money sense lesson. Our focus has been the difference between needs and wants. We have also explored maths in the real world. We are extremely proud of everyone and their participation with MWE! 


2B Maths Week England 

This week, the children have been participating in Maths Week England! They have enjoyed completing various activities linked to Maths and taking part in this exciting week. We have learnt about symmetry and shown our understanding by completing the other half of shapes and images. Additionally, we have started learning about money and how to keep track of it e.g. by saving money up over time. We learnt about how we get money into the bank, in order to use it to buy the things we want. The children enjoyed playing with the money, using different coins to make a value in order to purchase items from our pretend shop. All children thoroughly enjoyed this week and participated with great enthusiasm. Well done 2B! 

3D - Figure Me Out

Here are a few fabulous ‘Figure Me Out’ posters in which 3D answered various questions about themselves using calculations!

Maths Week 2020 - 3A

3A have had a fantastic week celebrating maths.

Every morning we have been writing fantastic mathematical facts about ourselves and have created some brilliant Figure Me Out fact posters using a range of different calculations. We have also been learning about all the different ways we can pay for things and took part in some role play videos. The children also enjoyed sharing why they enjoy maths lessons.

In class we have taken part in The TT Rockstars challenges and have enjoyed writing on the tables to show our understanding of number lines. A fantastic week of learning, well done 3A.


Maths Week Learning!

We’ve had a fun week this week with lots of Maths England Week themed lessons.  We found out about careers where maths is used. We thought carefully about the things we need and the things we want if we were managing a monthly family budget.  We used timers and collected data in our science investigation and even used our counting in the Strictly Children In Need Dance Challenge. Phew! What a great week of learning! Well done Class 4B!  

6B Maths and Art

On Friday, we finished off Maths Week England with a flourish.  A special thanks to Miss Pickering who worked with the class to produce this fantastic pattern by tessellating rhombuses made by the children's brilliant paper folding skills.

Maths Scavenger Hunt

We would like to say a huge well done to the families who took part in the Maths Scavenger Hunt on Saturday 14th November. It has been lovely to hear the pupils' tales about the event, such as attempting to fit their body through a single piece of A5 paper, solving mathematical puzzles as a team and creating mathematical symbols through the art of yoga...that's just to name a few!
Here are a few hilarious photographs from our families...
image.png      image.png           
Thank you all for your engagement and enthusiasm!


6B Maths Week England

We have had a brilliant time during Maths Weeek England.  We got involved in the Nrich live lesson and had great fun playing the factors and multiples game against each other.  We have developed some excellent strategies to help us win when we play this game at home for homelearning.  We were also challenged to make the longest chain possible... I wonder if anyone can beat 37 (our highest score so far)?

We also completed our first personal finance lesson of the year.  We learned all about different currencies from around the world and how we can find out how much things cost in other countries. It was especially interesting to find out about the currencies of South America, which is the country we are studying in geography this half-term.

Finally, we have been super competitve when playing in the TTrockstars Maths Week England 2020 competition.  Our hardwork has been rewarded with first place on the leaderboard so far. Fantastic!

Year 3 - Personal Finance

The Year 3 children loved their personal finance lesson this week! Personal finance education is new to our curriculum this year and we are really excited to help our pupils become money savvy. This week's lesson was about the different ways to pay for things, such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and cheques.

The pupils have been researching the various payment types and identifying their advantages and disadvantages. Over the next few days, the children are going to become bankers and will try to sell a particular payment type to their customers.

Watch this space!



2D Outdoor Learning Maths Week England

For Maths Week England, we have been investigating symmetry. During our outdoor learning session, we made lots of fantastic symetrical patterns using the nature around us. Maybe you could try making some over the weekend?

Here are some of our wonderful examples. 

Year 3 - Figure Me Out!

As part of Maths Week England, the children have been creating exciting, unique and challenging calculations that give answers to questions about themselves! They have done a brilliant job at applying all of the mathematical concepts they have learnt so far in Year 3.

They will use this information to create a 'Figure Me Out' poster on Friday.

Here are a few examples of questions the children have been answering through maths!

What is my shoe size?

How old am I?

How many children are in my class?



We can't wait to share the finished posters with you all at the end of the week!


Family Maths Scavenger Hunt

Saturday 14th November


10am, Saturday 14th November: Family Maths Scavenger HUNT 

To mark the end of Maths Week England 2020, this fantastic event is taking place on Saturday 14th November and is designed for families of all ages to participate in. It will start at 10am and end at 5pm. 

Your family will have to work as a team to accomplish various tasks.  Some might require some artistic skills, some might involve culinary skills and some will involve literary skills.  There will be some Maths knowledge too.  Creativity and originality will be rewarded with bonus points. What a great opportunity to try something different! 

You will be able to see what your competition is doing so that you know what you are up against. Bonus missions will be inserted at random times. Be prepared for an abundance of laughter and an appreciation for how crazy your family members can be.  Tasks will earn you points if they are completed.  Creativity will be rewarded with bonus points.  You have the duration of the Scavenger hunt to complete as many tasks as possible. 

At 6:30pm, an optional zoom call will take place where the winners will be announced and hilarious video footage will be shown from the participants.

Good luck. Instructions will be sent around by email before the event.

To sign up, click here, or use the link below:

When asked if you have registered to take part in Maths Week England, please tick yes. All pupils have been signed up already in school.

Our Privacy Policy:

Please share your photographs with us using ILD, Seesaw or Google Classroom!


Maths Wizards!

Well done to our 12 children who participated in the West Kirby Grammar School 'Maths Challenge' this month.  Challenge is designed by a group of A Level students. Our children's excellence was celebrated with 100% certificates and awards for creativity and reasoning. Special well done to Isla Cassidy in Year 5 who won the overall competition. 



TTRockstars Rock Out!!

Throughout Maths Week England, children from Year 3-6 have been taking part in the TTRockstars Rock Out competition! Here are some fabulous Year 4 children in action!


Maths through stories and art - Foundation 2

This week is Maths Week England, so the children in Foundation 2 have been doing lots of fantastic maths. We have been reading the book 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and we made the Shoemaker's house using different shapes. What fantastic shape art! 


2C Maths Week Symmetry Patterns Outdoors

This afternoon 2C went outside and made symmetrical patterns using objects found in the Centenary Garden.  They used a piece of string as their mirror line and had lots of fun finding similar leaves, twigs, stones and fruit to make their patterns.  What great team work too 2C!  Well done.


6A Maths Week England nRich Webinar

6A had great fun today exploring factors and multiples with nRich. We used a game from the website, which can be played at home following this link:

Children can submit their answers until Sunday 15th November.


Maths Week England 2020!

The aim of Maths Week England is to celebrate and engage in all things maths!

Children in all year groups will be taking part. Keep an eye out for photographs which will be uploaded throughout the week.

If you would like to see more information about Maths Week England 2020, click on the link below :)





Upcoming Maths Events

World Maths Day October 15th  2020
Maths Week England November 9th-14th  2020
My Money Week June 14th - 18th 2021
TTRockstar Rock Wrangle TBC


Past Events


Maths and Art Exhibition

We held an exhibition this afternoon celebrating the link between maths and art. Early Years created houses using 2D shapes, Year 1 made bracelets using repeating patterns of beads and Year 2 used tracing paper and mirrors to create a symmetrical drawing. In Key Stage 2, the Year 3 pupils used shapes to draw a variety of forms such as people, dogs, elephants and owls. Year 4 created watercolour paintings of overlapping shapes and applied the watercolour skills they had been practising in class. Year 5 presented their nets they had made in DT and Year 6 made tesselating collages.

Thank you to everyone who came to support the event! Please click on the image below to be taken to the event photographs.



Year 6 Maths Workshops with Mosslands

We have had some very special visitors this afternoon. Some sixth students from Mosslands have been in to help us to measure the height of our sports hall. We had to carefully make isosceles triangles  to help us calculate how many sheets of paper away it was from us. Then we used the equation (paper x height) divided by 10 to find the mean. Our answer told us that it should be approximately 11.06m tall. Please click on the images below to be taken to the photographs!


6A                                                                         6D



Guinness World Record for the Largest Maths Lesson

As part of Maths Week England, Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed taking part in the NRICH maths live lesson. They worked together as a team to work out how many teddies would fit in their classroom. Click the image below to see more photographs!




Maths Week England

St George's took part in Maths Week England 2019 and completed various activities throughout school, celebrating all things maths related. All year groups took part in mathematical art lessons, competed in the national Mangahigh challenge and read story books which involved mathematical concepts. The children enjoyed having a go at all of these activities and were incredibly keen to be able to complete Mangahigh at home. Also, the children enjoyed watching videos from professionals in our community, explaining how they use maths in their jobs each and every day. Thank you to the nurse, midwife, pilot and police officer that go involved. Year 5 and 6 also took part in a World Guinness Record for the largest maths lesson!

Please click on the images below to see more photographs!


3D                                                          Year 4


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