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World Maths Day October 15th  2020
Maths Week England November 9th-14th  2020
My Money Week June 14th - 18th 2021
TTRockstar Rock Wrangle TBC


Past Events


Maths and Art Exhibition

We held an exhibition this afternoon celebrating the link between maths and art. Early Years created houses using 2D shapes, Year 1 made bracelets using repeating patterns of beads and Year 2 used tracing paper and mirrors to create a symmetrical drawing. In Key Stage 2, the Year 3 pupils used shapes to draw a variety of forms such as people, dogs, elephants and owls. Year 4 created watercolour paintings of overlapping shapes and applied the watercolour skills they had been practising in class. Year 5 presented their nets they had made in DT and Year 6 made tesselating collages.

Thank you to everyone who came to support the event! Please click on the image below to be taken to the event photographs.



Year 6 Maths Workshops with Mosslands

We have had some very special visitors this afternoon. Some sixth students from Mosslands have been in to help us to measure the height of our sports hall. We had to carefully make isosceles triangles  to help us calculate how many sheets of paper away it was from us. Then we used the equation (paper x height) divided by 10 to find the mean. Our answer told us that it should be approximately 11.06m tall. Please click on the images below to be taken to the photographs!


6A                                                                         6D



Guinness World Record for the Largest Maths Lesson

As part of Maths Week England, Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed taking part in the NRICH maths live lesson. They worked together as a team to work out how many teddies would fit in their classroom. Click the image below to see more photographs!




Maths Week England

St George's took part in Maths Week England 2019 and completed various activities throughout school, celebrating all things maths related. All year groups took part in mathematical art lessons, competed in the national Mangahigh challenge and read story books which involved mathematical concepts. The children enjoyed having a go at all of these activities and were incredibly keen to be able to complete Mangahigh at home. Also, the children enjoyed watching videos from professionals in our community, explaining how they use maths in their jobs each and every day. Thank you to the nurse, midwife, pilot and police officer that go involved. Year 5 and 6 also took part in a World Guinness Record for the largest maths lesson!

Please click on the images below to see more photographs!


3D                                                          Year 4


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