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Personal Finance Education is new to our curriculum this year and we are really excited to help our pupils become wise with money. Considering recent events, there has never been a more important time to ensure our children have a good understanding of money to inform their financial choices in the real world. Examples of some topics covered are:


  • Why and how we save money
  • Planning budgets
  • How we pay for things
  • The choices we make about money and how this can affect our mental wellbeing


Attached to this page is our Personal Finance curriculum so you can see what your child will be learning about this year.


We will be using MoneySense by Natwest to support our teaching. MoneySense is proud to have been awarded the Financial Education Quality Mark by Young Money. The programme is based on the Financial Education Planning Framework, and has been created with input from practising teachers to support the curriculum.

Click on the image above to be taken to the NatWest MoneySense homepage. There is a page just for parents with suggested activities to complete at home, and a page for children with lots of money based games.


Year 2

The children have been learning about money and how to keep track of it e.g. by saving money up over time. We learned about how we get money into the bank, in order to use it to buy the things we want. The children enjoyed playing with the money, using different coins to make a value in order to purchase items from our pretend shop.

Year 3

Personal finance education is new to our curriculum this year and we are really excited to help our pupils become money savvy. This week's lesson was about the different ways to pay for things, such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and cheques.

The pupils have been researching the various payment types and identifying their advantages and disadvantages. Over the next few days, the children are going to become bankers and will try to sell a particular payment type to their customers.

Year 4

The children found out about careers where maths is used. They thought carefully about the things they need and the things they wan when managing a monthly family budget.

Year 6

We also completed our first personal finance lesson of the year.  We learned all about different currencies from around the world and how we can find out how much things cost in other countries. It was especially interesting to find out about the currencies of South America, which is the country we are studying in geography this half-term.

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