The Senior Team

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The school is one of the largest primary schools in the country and due to the number of children at St George's, who are taught across three separate buildings, there are appointed senior managers who run the school on a daily basis.

When parents need to discuss school-related issues it is usual for an appointment to be made with one of the senior staff in the first instance to ensure the query is responded to on the same working day, if possible. Most queries, concerns or complaints are handled on a daily basis by one of the senior staff named above. Appointments with the Headteacher can be made via the school office although these may need to be booked in advance.  

Other Key Contacts

Job Title



  Mrs Sonya Huxley  

  Deputy Head of Extended Services (Dragon Club)  

Mrs Mel O'Grady

Learning Mentor

Mrs Hannah Rice

Network Manager

Mr Jamie Gray

Admin Team

Job Title


  Business and Finance Officer  

Mr John Evans

HR Officer

 Mrs Kelly McCarthy 

Senior Leadership PA

Mrs Susan Walters


Miss Joanne Jones

Mrs Lisa Young



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