Tony Berry - 1951 to 1958

St George’s Primary School

Ex Pupil Information  - Tony Berry
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Name: Anthony (Tony) Berry

Attended from: 1951 to 1958


Favourite teacher: Mr Davies
Special friends: 

Charles Taylor, David Walsh, Jonathan Keene, David Evinson, Arnold Neale, William (Bill) Eccles.
Most memorable experience: School trip to the promenade to see the Queen
Favourite school dinner: None. I went home.
Playtime activities: British Bulldog & laughing.
Favourite lesson: Geography.
What I went on to do:

Various sales jobs including as a rep. for Cadburys. Married in 1967 & migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1971. Spent the next 40 years in assorted sales roles before retiring.
What I do now:

We have 2 children & 4 grandchildren so babysitting occupies some of our time but when we can get away we have a caravan & like to explore this huge country. We also enjoy overseas holidays either flying or cruising.

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Tony Berry 'Then'

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