Uniform and Presentation

We insist that our children wear school uniform at St George's Primary School.  It helps them be identified as part of our school community.  We also believe that it helps develop a positive attitude in school.  From a young age, we encourage our children to; look smart, act smart and feel smart.

Clear guidance on school uniform is published below.

We believe that our school uniform helps our children to identify with their school community.  We ask for your co-operation in trying to dress your child in school uniform.  Our school tries to source the best quality we can and keep cost as low as possible.   Logos are not compulsory on any uniform.

Parents can purchase their school uniform from local shops and supermarkets.  The school does not sell school uniform.  Our main local supplier is the uniform shop at Misty Bues, Manor Road Wallasey.

Our school colours are blue and black or grey.  Ties, sweatshirts, shorts and tee shirts are available from local shops.  We also support parents with online purchasing. 

While Tesco is no longer providing the school with a uniform service,  the company that they have been using will continue to supply us. This will be the same price same quality and efficiency as the parent log-ins will all remain the same. The only change to parents is the link to access the site - www.myclothing.com

You can also buy at ID Clothing.  Their website address is: https://www.iduniforms.co.uk/product-category/school-uniforms/primary-schools/

Foundation Stage (nursery and reception) and Infant Classes (Years 1 and 2) Lower Junior Classes (Years 3 and 4)

  • Black or grey trousers, white school polo shirts and blue sweatshirts or cardigans with sensible black shoes.
  • Black or grey tunic dresses, skirt or trousers with white school polo shirts, blue sweatshirts or cardigans with sensible black shoes.

In summer children can wear:

  • blue gingham dresses or black/grey skirts with the white school polo shirts and sensible black shoes.
  • black or grey shorts with our white school polo shirts and sensible black shoes.

Upper Junior Classes (Years 5 and 6)

Our Year 5/6 pupils wear a white polo shirt or white shirt and school tie with either; a blue jumper/cardigan or V necked blue sweatshirt.

In the summer children may choose to wear

  • black or grey shorts with our white school polo shirts and sensible black shoes.
  • blue gingham dresses or black/grey skirts with the school polo shirts with sensible black shoes.

Children can also purchase school coats and book-bags.  These are optional items.

No jewellery should be worn in school.  It provides too many health and safety risks for children.  Children are not allowed to wear earrings for physical education.  This is a legal requirement.

Our staff are not responsible for accidents caused by the contact of ear studs or jewellery with equipment or other children. Teachers are not responsible for the removal of ear studs, although we will provide tape for cover if requested.

P.E Kit

The PE kit comprises, blue/black shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings and white tee-shirt and soft pumps which should be worn on P.E. days.  

Children may use trainers and tracksuits if they are outside.

The junior school children go swimming. Costumes are:

  • A swimming costume and swimming cap. Bikinis are not allowed.
  • Swimming trunks, NOT loose shorts.  Letters will be sent home informing you when your child is undertaking swimming lessons.

Parents/carers are asked to name all clothes and check frequently that names are still legible. Although we have lost property bins, countless items of clothing go missing.  The school is not responsible for lost clothing.

Look Smart – Act Smart – Think Smart

Please note that children consistently not following the school's uniform policy may be subject to disciplinary processes as part of our behaviour policy.  We may consider this to be orange zone behaviour.

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