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Our curriculum ensures that all children have plenty of opportunities to write for different purposes. We encourage writing through all curriculum areas and use quality reading texts to model examples of good writing. Writing is taught through a number of different strategies. We believe that children need lots of rich speaking and drama activities to give them the imagination and the experiences that will equip them to become good writers. 


Choose a cursive joined style (all letters have lead-ins)

From Year 2 it is a requirement that all children join their handwriting. Below is a table to show the order in which handwriting is taught in year 2. Attached to the bottom of this page are some documents that can support your child's handwriting at home. 

Alan Peat Sentences

Alan Peat is a teacher and also an author of a number of educational books including one called 'Exciting Sentences'. He has done a lot of work across the country developing children's writing by introducing them to different sentence types. 

Sentence Stacking

Image result for the write stuff

The Write Stuff is a method of teaching which our staff use to model writing using a systematic approach. The units of work link to a quality text and support children to create their own pieces of independent writing. The children learn about different types of sentences using the 'fantastic'. They are taught that writing composition is a sequence of different types of sentences built up over time.


Here are some examples of sentence stacking in year 2. All of the sentences have been produced by the children and stacked to create a story. The children then move onto independent writing.






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