Year 5 24/09

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 6:02pm

We've had another fantastic week in Year five.

We have continued to look at humour in our English this week, based on the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. The children have had great fun thinking up what Liam might have said to the car salesman as he dupes him into letting him sit in a Porche (the salesman thinks Liam is an adult!)

In maths, we have been using number lines and other representations to work with numbers to 100,000, including rounding. As you can see from the photographs the children have been working really hard to use pictorial representations to explain their reasoning.

This week some classes used the VR headsets to explore space (photos coming soon!) and enjoyed a tour around the I.S.S. in 3D as well as exploring the planets. Other classes have mapped out the solar system outside to really get an idea of scale and the distances involved.

In geography, we have learnt what latitude and longitude are and will begin to use them next week to locate places around the world. 

There has also been lots of fun had in P.E. as we continue to learn the skills needed for tag rugby - that ball can be tricky to throw! 

Please come back to our blog on Monday when we hope to have uploaded some more photographs for you!

We all look forward to another exciting week of learning next week. Until then, have a lovely weekend.

The Year 5 team.

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