Year 2 2020 - 2021

Phonics Screening Check

It is a statutory requirement that all children take the Phonics Screening Check in year 1. Unfortunately, this year the children were unable to complete the check. We are now required to ensure all year 2 children take the check by the end of the autumn term. We will be completing the checks during the weeks beginning 23rd and 30th November. There is a powerpoint explaining what the Phonics Screening Check is and how you can support your child. Please click here

Your children have brought home some words to practise over the next few weeks. There are lots of other ideas on the powerpoint and your teachers will post some activities on See Saw. here are some useful websites.


Hello and welcome to year 2. 

We are very excited to meet you. 

The year 2 team have added some videos for you to get to know them below.Year 2 welcome video

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold our usual information evening for parents; however, we have attached a powerpoint with some useful information for you.Moving from year 1 to year 2

If your child is self isolating they are able to access daily lessons please click on the 'Self-isolating Hub' tab on our home page. 

Any questions please contact Mrs Horton via the school office.


Class name


Teaching assistant


Mrs.Johnson +  Mrs.Wainwright




Miss.Gough Hughes



Mrs.Malloy & Mrs.Price

Mrs.Hewson & Miss.Allen




Mrs Horton is the Assistant Head for year 2 and will teach and support throughout the unit.


Our Weekly Timetable











Reading Books to be returned.

Homework completed.

2B, 2D





Reading books sent home.

Homework set.


RESPECT and Behaviour

During this half term, the children will be learning about the word RESILIENCE and what this means to them. They will be thinking about how they can use resilience to overcome difficulties and to help them to progress academically and socially. Each week the teachers will nominate children that they have noticed being resilient. These children will be known as our ‘Learning Heroes’. They will receive a special certificate  and will have their picture displayed on the wall. During the first week back at school the children created class charters in which they discuss their own roles and responsibilities with regards to their behaviour and conduct in school. It has been a very positive way to start the school year with the children keen to follow their charters and stay in the positive behaviour zones.  The children will continue to be rewarded for outstanding behaviour with Blue and Gold stickers!



Every Friday the children in Year 2 will be given reading homework.  This homework must be returned by the following Wednesday. 

Image result for reading quotes children


We would encourage children in year 1 to read every day and suggest that reading is a minimum of 4 times during the week. During the autumn term, we will be sending 2 books home on a Friday and they need to be returned by Wednesday. Please record any reading in your child's yellow reading diary. 

Maths and spelling

Maths and Spelling books have been sent home and we will look forward to celebrating your child's work in the last week of half term when they return these books. We have highlighted the Year 1 words that your child requiresfurther practise of. Please can you help your child learn how to spell these words. We would suggest 4 each week. When your child  knows how to spell these Year 1 words, please can they move onto the Year 2 word list, which is at the back of this book.

The maths task for each week will be added here. 

18.9.20 - Activity 1 - Counting on


Year 2 Curriculum


This term we are delving in to the wonderful world of traditional tales.  We are starting with Little Red Riding Hood and over the next few weeks we will move on to Hansel and Gretel.  Alongside this, we will be continuing with our daily RWI sessions.


Here, we are learning all about living things and comparing them to non-living things.  We will be looking at things that once lived and focussing on the characteristics which all living things must do.  We are also exploring the different stages of human life.


We are using our technology to support many areas of our curriculum. Children are learning about how to stay safe online and how to create and debug a program.

Shortly you will recieve log in details for our Seesaw Class learning app.


During Autumn term 1 we will be exploring the different ways we can listen to music and how this has changed over time.  We will be starting with the record player working all the way up to the present day and online music.


Throughout Autumn 2, we will be learning all about the 4 countries of the United Kingdom, discovering some of their traditions and key facts about each place  We will also learn about the 4 seas that surround the UK.


Our character trait focus for this half term is 'Resilience' and we explore this throu our learning hero, Amelia Earhart and her achievements. Our focus for RE this half term is the Christain faith.  We will explore what Christianity is and how the Bible helps to guide Christian's through stories in the Old and New Testament.



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