Year 3 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year 3 2020-21

We are very excited to meet you. Here is our welcome letter Year 3 welcome letter September 2020

The year 3 team have added a video for you to get to know them .Year 3 introduction video

We have attached a powerpoint with some useful information for you.Moving from year 2 to year 3

Any questions please contact the school office and we will get back to you. 

If your child is having to self isolate then please go to the self isolation hub on the home page and click on the link to access daily learning. 


Mrs Chambers is the Assistant Headteacher for year 3.  

The Year 3 team are:

3A - Mrs Kisby

3B - Miss Cumming

3C - Mrs Drogomirecki/Miss Bennett

3D - Miss Mulheirn

Mr Thomas

Teaching assistants - Miss Catton and Mrs Stewart


Our Weekly Timetable






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RESPECT and Behaviour

During this half term the children will be learning about the word Resilience and what this means to them. They will be thinking about how they can show resilience in different situations. Each week the teachers will nominate one child that they have noticed being resilient. These children will be known as our ‘Learning Heroes’. They will receive a special certificate in assembly and will have their picture displayed on the wall. The children have created class charters in which they state their own roles and responsibilities with regards to their behaviour and conduct in school. It has been a very positive way to start the school year with the children keen to follow their charters and stay in the positive behaviour zones.


Year 3 Curriculum

Our Curriculum Map can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. 



Year 3 are starting this half term by exploring a text called 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. We will have discussions about our planet and how special it is. This will lead onto a short piece of writing about the children's favourite places, incorporating description and emotion. We will then be recapping on nouns, adjectives and sentence structure through the book ‘Dangerous’ written by Tim Warnes. The children will then delve into the Aaron Becker book 'Return' were they will be fully immersed iwithin the book and will base some of their writing on some of the enchanting settings they come across.  Finally, they will be looking at and writing their own Haikus and Kenning poems. 

In Autumn 2, the children will read the breathtaking Fox by Margret Wild. They will be inspired to write their own fabels, as well as an information text about this facinating creature. We will then expore diary writing, based on the infamous Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. 


This half term we will be undertaking a range of investigations based on our topic of 'Light and Shadows'. We will be looking at the difference between light sources and reflectors, how shadows are made and will end the topic with a range of scientific based enquiries to help us create our own shadow puppets.

The second half of this term will be spent investigating 'Rocks and Soils'. Children will spend time becoming 'rocks and soils detectives' by searching for rocks around our school premises and will undertake a range of scientific enquiries based on what they have found.


We will be taking a giant step back in time this half term into prehistory! We will discover what Britain was like during the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age; from housing, food and tools to learning all about the monumental Stonehenge. 


In Autumn 2, we will visit The Breck in Wallasey to kick start our Geography study of a local area. Children will focus on compass work, map work and data gathering and analysing. Children will then develop their knowledge from Y2 on the UK to look at greater detail human and physical features of the countries of the UK; focusing on mountains, rivers, coastlines etc.


The artists we will be studying this half term are the abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko and fine artist Catherine Hyde. We will be creating abstract block artwork in the style of Mark Rothko, which will focus on primary colours and how to create secondary and tertiary colours. This will lead onto a more detailed piece of artwork based on Catherine Hyde’s work in the style of her Firebird illustrations.

During the second half of the term, Y3 will be looking at the skill of tessellating. Children will study well known artists to inspire their own tessellating patterns and will eventually create their own printing block to create a tessellation.


We are excited to start French with year 3 this term. This half term we will be learning basic French greetings as well as learning numbers and days of the week. asking how somebody is, how old they are, and being able to explain when their birthday is.


This term in PSHE, the children will be taking part in lessons about e-safety, personal development and personal finance. In e-safety, the children will role play situations about keeping safe online, and in personal development, they will look at the differences between male and female bodies. Personal finance education is new to our curriculum this year and we are really excited to help our pupils become money savvy. We will start by looking at the different ways we can pay for things and how to keep track of our money. The PSHE curriculum is attached below if you would like to see what is being taught and at what time in the year.




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