Year 5 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Year 5 2021-22

We will soon be welcoming the children from Year 4 into Year 5. We are so looking forward to the children meeting their new teachers. Please see our Y4 to Y5 transition PowerPoint for information. Please find the recording of the transition meeting on 30/06/21, here


Welcome to Year 5 2020-21

The Year 5 team consists of:

  • 5A - Miss Murphy and Mrs Ford
  • 5B  - Miss Spurdle
  • 5C - Miss Hughes
  • 5D - Mrs Parker

They will be supported by: Miss Barbet, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Gibson

PE days are as follows:

  • 5A – Wednesday
  • 5B – Monday
  • 5C – Thursday
  • 5D - Tuesday

If in the event you have any questions, please contact the school office and we will get back to you. 

If your child is having to self-isolate, please go to the 'self-isolation' tab at the top of the page and click on the link to access daily learning. 


We began this year by exploring the book, 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We have had discussions about our planet and how special it is. We have written about our favourite place, creating a poem using a variety of features. This book neatly crossed-over with our science topic too.

During the second half of the Autumn Term we enjoyed an exciting story called, 'FaRther' by Grahame Baker-Smith, an emotional tale featuring the themes of family, love and loss. 

Over the Spring Term we enjoyed the creativity and suspense of ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. This helped us evaluate how effective our writing needs to be, carefully having the audience at the forefront of everything we create. The historical tale of ‘Beowulf’ inspired us, looking a different myths and legends and the features within them that have made these types of stories popular. 

As we move forward into the Summer Term, we will be looking at St George and his battle with the Dragon - comparing this to similarities of the tensions of battle in Shakespeare's ‘Richard III’. 


Within maths this term, we will be covering division before moving onto fractions. Within each lesson, we continue to practice our counting and keeping up our fluency with our mental maths and number sense. During the week, the children will have access to a number of our apps that can also be accessed at home. These are TT Rockstars, Number Gym and Manga High. 


In science this term, we will be exploring Separating Materials. We will be doing plenty of experiments which in turn will teach us the meanings of terms such as solubility, insolubility, solute, solutions, solvents, filtering. 


We shall be delving into the midst of Anglo-Saxon civilisation, exploring the likes of the Sutton Hoo burial, the Staffordshire Hoarde and the Coppergeate Helmet and how these can inform us, many years later, of what went on.


Initially, the children will be analysing nets of shapes. This acquired knowledge will then be used to create their own packaging for biscuits that they will then be making.


We are building upon our knowledge of the Christian faith to explore the meaning of ‘The Kingdom of God’.

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Year 5: St George's News items

Farewell to Mrs Dobson, by Mrs Walters

Learning Hero - Dave Bolton, by Miss Hughes

5D Sports Day, by Mrs Parker

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Year 5 Autumnal art, by Mrs Parker

Year 5: St George's Calendar items

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