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Y6 Violin Concerts, by Mr Nathan

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 11:21am

Seems like an age ago now, but here are Year 6's violin concerts for your viewing pleasure. We are sure that you'll agree that they did a super job - enjoy!


https://youtu.be/bVNFIW9TWBs - Class 6A

https://youtu.be/sBsnNO0T8qk - Class 6B


Logo success for Jack!, by Mrs Walters

Date: 12th Jan 2022 @ 2:35pm

Congratulations to year 3 pupil Jack who has won 3rd prize in an NHS logo competition!

Jack entered the Design a Logo for a Pin Badge competition – (NHS Blood and Transplant) which had been set on Google Classroom, and was thrilled to come third.

Dr Valentina Barrera, from the NHSBT Tissue and Eye Services, said: 'it was extremely difficult to choose the finalists. Very well done.'

Jack has been given a Certificate of Exceptional Engagement and will also receive a goodie bag at the end of the month.

Well done Jack!

Updated Guidance regarding Testing and Isolation for Children With Covid-19, by Mr Cassidy

Date: 6th Jan 2022 @ 3:50pm

Dear families, we have updated our guidance for families.  We hope that the charts below and information on the website helps families to make the right decisions.  Visit 


St george's Testing Flow Chart.jpg

5C Outdoor learning, by Miss Reil

Date: 6th Jan 2022 @ 3:46pm

Year 5 have been looking at Helen Keller for our learning hero for this half term's Respect quality, self awareness. We have been exploring Helen Keller's life, the obstacles she had to overcome, who helped her and how she then helped others. 

As part of this we reflected on the difficulties she would have faced and we looked at how we could work as part of a team to help each other navigate an obstacle course. The children developed fantastic strategies to help each other and adapted these as we went along. We discussed what self awareness skills we had been using and developing.

Well done to the Penguin Trail winners!, by Mrs Walters

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 1:25pm

Congratulations to the two winners of the Wallasey Village People Penguin Trail!

Jacob and Emily had a great time searching for penguins and gnomes in shops around Wallasey Village and were rewarded with a sweet hamper from Wallasey Village People.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

4E's Trip to the Grotto, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 16th Dec 2021 @ 4:02pm

4E had a wonderful time in the grotto with Father Christmas. They loved asking him lots of questions while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and eating biscuits. Father Christmas was even treated to a poem read by some of the children. What a lovely experience!

Year 5 and 6 Enterprise Fair, by Mrs Parker

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 4:58pm

Yesterday, Year 5 and 6 attended a Christmas Enterprise Fair run by the Enterprise council. Children across Top Site made items to sell. They also had some edible treats to sell and games. The children had fun and currently we have raised over £150 for school funds. We have some cute reindeer facecloths (containing a boxed Dove soap and hair bobble) left, which we will be selling at the gate tomorrow and Friday.

Year 5 Singing Concert, by Mr Knowles

Date: 15th Dec 2021 @ 4:13pm

Huge well done to all of our Year 5 children who sang in the performance tonight. They have all worked very hard to learn the lyrics and Makaton and we are all very proud of them. All of the Year 5 Team want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Year 5 & 6 Trip To The Playhouse Theatre!, by Miss Pickering

Date: 14th Dec 2021 @ 9:10am

Last Friday we visited the Playhouse theatre to watch Fantastically Great women Who Changed The World! We had such a brilliant afternoon filled with inspiring stories, music and dancing showcasing true female icons and pure adventure! The children sang, clapped and indulged on a few sweet treats! 

An inquisitive heroine named Jade  breaks away from her class to take a peek behind the scenes at the not yet open Gallery of Greatness in the local museum. Along her journey she is surprised to meet the incredible wonder women: Frida KahloRosa ParksAmelia EarhartMarie CurieEmmeline Pankhurst to name just a few.

FANTASTICALLY GREAT WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is an empowering new stage show which will be celebrated by anyone who is prepared to move and be moved, with characters and songs that pack a popstar punch!

Book Tickets HERE


Year 4 Christmas Performance, by Mrs Palmi

Date: 13th Dec 2021 @ 1:14pm

We really enjoyed performing our Christmas story today at St Hilary's church.

The children used their oracy skills brilliantly and their singing was beautiful. It was a fabulous performance!

Thank you for all your support.

4E’s Greek Gods, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 3:43pm

4E have been stepping back in time to Ancient Greece and exploring the many gods they worshipped. Each group created a presentation about a god of their choice to present to the class.

A day full of festivities in Years 3 and 4, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 2:56pm

Years 3 and 4 had a wonderful time visiting the Explorer Dome at top site this week. They were immersed in stories of winter festivals from around the world. This afternoon, they also took part in a Santa Dash! Here are a few photographs of the events. 

6B Festive Fun, by Miss Lewis

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 2:00pm

Over the past two days, 6B have had a lot of fun taking part in festive activities.

On Thursday, we completed our Santa Dash (and had a long rest after). 

Today, we had the pleasure of visiting the Winter Dome. We listened to stories about the seasons and different celebrations all over the world. 

We travelled to Israel and learnt about the winter celebration of Hanukkah and why people use a menorah. 

We then took a trip to India, learning about the origins of Diwali and how candles were used to light the way home for Prince Rama and Sita. 

After putting on our winter coats we took a trip to Norway to learn about the Winter Solstice Yule. 

We learnt so much about light and seasons. It was fascinating to find out about astronomers and supernovas. 

Dome visit, by Miss Hughes

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 1:07pm

Through a deep dark tunnel, Year 4 found themselves in a dome filled with light and stories to warm up our winter. 

We were so lucky to listen to stories about the seasons and different celebrations all over the world. 

We travelled to Israel and learnt about the winter celebration of Hanukkah and why people use a menorah. 

We then took a trip to India, learning about the origins of Diwali and how candles were used to light the way home for Prince Rama and Sita. 

After putting on our winter coats we took a trip to Norway to learn about the Winter Solstice Yule. 

We learnt so much about light and seasons. It was fascinating to find out about astronomers and supernovas. 


Thank you to Ellie, Ben and Josh 

4A and 4D visit to the dome., by Mrs Palmi

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 5:07pm

We had a wonderful visit in the Explorer Dome today on top site. We were amazed by the cinema-size images, the dry ice clouds, the 4.5 million-year-old meteorite we got to hold and when the dome transformed into a planetarium.


Kind-hearted Charlotte's fund-raising success, by Mrs Walters

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 1:18pm

Congratulations to one of our lovely pupils, Charlottte in year 4, who has raised £150 for the homeless charity, Crisis.
Charlotte wanted to help the homeless comunity as she said 'it's not right that some people don't have a home, especially at Christmas.'
She baked, sold and delivered cupcakes (with a little support in the decorating department from her brother Lewis, in year 6) and presented the money to the charity at their Christmas Carol Concert on Monday.
Crisis have publicly thanked her and said she is setting a great example.
St George's and her proud family completely agree - well done Charlotte!

Year 2 Winter Dome Experience, by Mrs Malloy

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 11:56am

On Monday, Year 2 took part in our whole-school Winter Dome experience at topsite in the sports hall. Here we learnt about some of the different winter festivals celebrated around the world including Hanukkah, Diwali, Yule and our Christmas story today. We were treated to a seasons light show, a star constellations presentation, science experiments with dry ice and we even got to hold a real meteor from outer space! We throughly enjoyed being immersed in the wonder of winter.

Dragon Club Closed Dates 21-22, by Mr Smith

Date: 8th Dec 2021 @ 9:01am


The Snow Queen performance in Y1, by Ms C Jones

Date: 7th Dec 2021 @ 4:29pm

Year One thoroughly enjoyed 'The Snow Queen' performance today. A big thank you to all of the actors for a fantastic show! IMG_0211(1).JPG

Winter Dome Comes to St George's, by Mr Cassidy

Date: 7th Dec 2021 @ 8:42am

Children across school have been visiting the Winter Dome at top site.  Winter Dome is set up for a magical experience of the night sky and the major religious festivals around the world.  Childre have loved the light show and the story telling experience.  Thank you to Mrs Malloy for orgainising this.  

 Show details are:

Foundation Stage - ages 3-4

Crawl into our dome lit with festive lights to discover the magic of the winter seasons and how different people from around the world light up the dark times in December.

Key Stage One - ages 5-7

Immersive yourself in the sights and sounds of winter, alongside a story-telling introduction to mid-winter festivals from around the world - including Diwali, Hanukkah, Yule and the christian Christmas story. What was the mysterious ‘Christmas star’? You may even spot Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer in the winter stars!

Key Stage Two - ages 7-11

Explore the science behind the seasons and discover more about mid-winter festivals from around the world, including Diwali, Hanukkah, Yule and christian Christmas traditions in the UK. What was the enigmatic ‘Christmas star’? Build a comet inside the Dome and discover what else is visible in the night sky over winter.

dome 1 (1).jpg

dome 1 (2).jpg

dome 1 (3).jpg

Festive Hair Day Winners, by Mrs Walters

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 3:17pm

Congratulations to our Festive Hair Day winners! Everyone looked amazing and it was so hard to choose one winner from each year group!

The final decisions were:

F1 Esme

F2 Brody

Year 1 Kendall 

Year 2 Anya

Year 3 Ava

Year 4 Daisy

Year 5 Ava

Year 6 Anabelle 

Festive Hair Day at St George's, by Mrs Walters

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 10:21am

Staff and pupils really got into the festive spirit today with some amazing hair designs on display!

Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun and brought in a £1 donation for the PTA. 


The winners will be announced later today...

Pupil Power Reaches Wirral Council, by Mr Cassidy

Date: 7th Dec 2021 @ 8:05am

PXL_20211203_104358527.MP.jpgCouncillor Ian Lewis visited St George's today to meet Isaac Jones form Year 6 and Mr Cassidy to discuss the council's response to Isaac’s online road safety questionnaire.  Isaac’s questionnaire gathered 577 responses.  As reported in our newsletter the over whelming majority were supportive of the need to improve road safety on Claremont Road.  After the meeting Councillor Lewis visited Claremount Road.   The petition is being discussed at council meeting on the 6th of December with planning meetings scheduled with Wirral Road Safety team for January 2022.

We hope to have some positive news in the New Year.  Well done to Isaac for leading such a clear and strong campaign. 

Slide 1(1).jpg



Year 4 - Experience Christmas at St Hilary's Church, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 30th Nov 2021 @ 3:55pm

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting St Hilary's Church to take part in Experience Christmas. They learnt all about the Christmas story which was told by volunteers from the church. Here are lots of photographs!

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