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Upper Site Do Jerusalema Dance Craze, by Mr Smith

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 7:01pm

Massive well done to all our children for their fantastic moves. (This is our short version) 

Happy Half-Term 

WW2 News Report Videos Created by Year Six #GreenScreen, by Miss Pickering

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 11:41am

Tangled Web workshop with Dan - Drama activities! Internet Safety Week!, by Miss Pickering

Date: 11th Feb 2021 @ 2:38pm

Jerusalema Dance Comes to St George's, by Mr Cassidy

Date: 11th Feb 2021 @ 7:40am

Well done to the staff and children at top iste Dragon Club.  People across the worrld have adopted the upbeat tune and socially distanced dance steps of Jerusalema.  Cheered everybody up!

You can find out more at:


Well done everybody!

Chinese New Year at St George's, by Mrs Walters

Date: 11th Feb 2021 @ 2:26pm

Children and staff celebrated Chinese New Year today with a special menu organised by our catering team.

The lunch included spring rolls, Chinese chicken and spicy noodles and proved popular with everyone at both sites!

Year 6 programming and coding workshop with Hi Impact!, by Miss Pickering

Date: 10th Feb 2021 @ 1:21pm

Today the Year 6's in school have been creating their own games based on World War 2, using their coding and programming skills on SCRATCH! Huge thank you to Hi Impact for leading on the workshops in school! 

Safer Internet Day 2021, by Mrs Price

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 2:03pm

Image result for safer internet day 2021 logo







Safer Internet Day is Tuesday 9th February. 

During the week all children will be taking part in Safer Internet lessons and assemblies. 

At a time where children are spending more time online duirng this is more important than ever. 

There are competitions running through the week on the children's learning platforms to encourage the children to get involved. 


South American Adventure Winners, by Mr Cassidy

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 12:55pm

Well done to Olivia and Tilly in year 6 who won £15 Amazon vouchers for their amazing submissions in Mr Cassidy’s South American Adventure competition.  Children planned an amazing expedition for Mr Cassidy.  He was very pleased that they sent him first class.  He was amazed at their geographical knowledge and planning.  Well done to everybody who took part.    Issued 3 runner up prizes.  

Their challenge is attached. 

Children's Mental Health Week 2021, by Mrs Roberts

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 1:53pm

We have been extremely impressed with the work from our home learners once again this week. As part of children's mental heath week, we set them a challenge to express themselves. As you can see, we have some real budding artists! Well done everybody!

Year 3's Daisy - Running Superhero!!, by Miss Cummings

Date: 22nd Jan 2021 @ 4:12pm

Year 3 student Daisy has shown brilliant resilience, determination and kindness over the past couple of weeks. As well as completing all of her school work at home, Daisy has been working super hard to raise money for charity. She has been running to raise money for the charity War Child. So far Daisy has ran a huge 19 miles!!!!

Well done Daisy! We are all so proud of you and are supporting you every step of the way! You are an absolute super star!

If you would like to support Daisy and help her raise money for charity, you can follow the link here to donate: https://peaceband.warchild.org.uk/fundraising/daisys-run-for-war-child

Y3/4 Virtual Author Visit with Josh Lacey, by Miss Cummings

Date: 21st Jan 2021 @ 12:04pm

Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. All of the children at home and in school were lucky enough to have the opportunity of a virtual visit with author Josh Lacey! Josh is the author of many popular children’s books. He introduced the children to one of his new books and he even answered some of their questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about his books and learning about the process of becoming an author.

If you would like to purchase any of his books please follow the link here: https://www.beyond-books.co.uk/collections/josh-lacey


Here you can watch Miss Lewis reading one of Josh Lacey’s books – The Dragonsitter:



There are some other links here if you want to find out more about Josh Lacey:





G'day mate! St George's celebrates Australia Day!, by Mrs Walters

Date: 21st Jan 2021 @ 12:15pm

Staff and children at lower site enjoyed lunch Down Under today as we marked Australia Day with a special meal.

Although the day itself is on 26th January the catering team took the opportunity to decorate the Dragon Diner with balloons and some familiar furry friends to keep an eye on the event.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed lunch which included roast lamb and a delicious caramel shortbread.

3D’s Virtual Music Lesson Djembe Drums, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 18th Jan 2021 @ 1:17pm

3D had a wonderful live lesson today with Mr Harper, learning how to play the Djembe drums. They learnt about the different parts of the instrument, such as the head, tension strings, body and sound hole. The children then practised keeping in time with regular beats in counts of four. Watch the video to see our drumming skills. It was so much fun!

Y6's WW2 Amazing Homework, by Mrs Roberts

Date: 18th Jan 2021 @ 1:51pm

Over Christmas, we challenged Y6 to complete some homework in preparation for their World War II topic. Here is an outstanding example of some of the work produced. What an amazing effort! We are looking forward to seeing all the other entries too. 

Dragon Club Drop Off & Collection Changes (Y1), by Mr Smith

Date: 12th Jan 2021 @ 5:01pm

Dear Parents/Carers

Please note the following drop off and collection points for each year group on LOWER SITE. Top Site remains the same. These slight changes will take effect from TOMORROW 13/01/2021.

F1 - EYFS Building
F2 - EYFS Building 


Thank you

Mr Sprung-Murphy

Dragon Club Reminder, by Mr Smith

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 5:34pm

Dear All

A final reminder that if you do not have a place secured in emergency school and you have any existing bookings with us, then we ask you to please over the weekend log on and cancel your bookings. This will help us to see accurate registers, but also if you would like to be refunded then this is the quickest and simplest solution.

If you have a place secured in emergency school, and need any bookings we ask you to either continue with pre-existing bookings made OR add bookings as usual so we know which children require our services each morning and afternoon. 

Thank you

Mr Sprung-Murphy

Emergency School Update: Dragon Club, by Mr Smith

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 6:06pm

Dear Parents/Carers

A huge thank you to our service users for your patience with us following the last minute announcement Monday night. 

The school has now allocated all emergency schools spaces and parents/carers should have received notification of the outcome of their emergency school applications. 

If you have been granted an emergency school place and you have already made bookings through IPAL - Please do not alter these. 

If you have been granted an emergency school place and need additional/new bookings then please go onto IPAL and make the relevant bookings needed. 

If you did not receive an emergency school place and therefore would be unable to make/use any existing bookings with us we ask you to please log into IPAL and cancel any bookings made for the money to be refunded into your IPAL account. It will be the parent/carer responsibility to ensure cancellations are complete for funds to return to you. We have lifted the 5 day cancellation period to ensure this is easy to do for all parents/carers. If you are unsure on how to do this, we ask you follow this link:


The above link is also available on the school website in the Dragon Club section with useful 'hot to' video guides for all to follow. 

If you have any further questions or queries we ask you please email us directly on dragonclub@stgeorges.wirral.sch.uk

Thank you

Stay safe and keep smiling

Mr Sprung-Murphy

Merry Christmas from 3D, by Miss Mulheirn

Date: 18th Dec 2020 @ 3:03pm

What an amazing last week of half term! On Tuesday, 3D went to the grotto and met Santa🎅🏻. They really enjoyed their treat of a hot chocolate and gingerbread biscuits. The children have since been very busy making their Christmas cards and photo frames... the classroom is now covered in glitter, they had a lot of fun creating them.

Videos of the children performing their Christmas dance and song are available on a Google Classroom.

Merry Christmas to everyone, from 3D 🤶🏻

Year 3 Christmas Dance, by Miss Cummings

Date: 20th Dec 2020 @ 1:19pm

Year 3 have prepared a special treat for all of our lovely family and friends at home to wish you a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your time together and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!


Bobble Hat Decorations in 6A!, by Miss M Jones

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 10:35pm

6A have been busy with some winter crafts this week! This time, we had a go at making our own little woollen hat decorations. Follow the steps in the image below if you wish to make one at home! 

You will need: wool (colour of your choice - 99p in Home & Bargain), the cardboard innards of a kitchen/toilet/wrapping paper tube cut to about 2-3 inches in height, and scissors. 

We really enjoyed making ours. Check out all the different colour combinations! 

Christmas Dinner 2020 at Topsite!, by Miss M Jones

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 10:10pm

A festive feast was prepared for topsite by our amazing catering team today! Children were served a delicious roast dinner, with Christmassy cupcakes for dessert! Thank you to The Dragon Diner for preparing yet another amazing dinner for our children. 

2C Christmas Crafts, by Mrs Malloy

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 4:02pm

We have been crafty again today making all things 'Christmassy'!  The children can't wait to show you all of the amazing things they have been creating in school when they bring their special bag of goodies home tomorrow.

Grotto fun at lower site, by Mrs Walters

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 11:21am

Children at lower site had a wonderful time visiting the grotto and meeting Father Christmas this week.

From Foundation to year 4, pupils spent time chatting to Santa or having a story read to them and all came home with a present.

We must say a huge thank you to everyone who set up the grotto from EYFS teachers to the caretaking team with a special thank you to Mr Hughes for his excellent support.

And of course a big thank you to the man himself, Father Christmas, for taking time out of his very busy schedule to visit St George's.

Christmas Dinner Day, by Mrs Walters

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 11:31am

The festive elves were out in force today as the fabulous catering team at lower site prepared christmas dinner for all the children and staff. 

Mrs Molyneux and the team had decorated Christmas desserts for everyone and were looking forward to some festive fun at lunch time.

EYFS team lip sync fun, by Mrs Walters

Date: 17th Dec 2020 @ 12:24pm

Our fabulous Early Years team have created a video to say happy Christmas to all our families at St George's.

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