Anti Bullying Policy

Our priority is to ensure that St George's is a safe, happy place to learn for children and adults in our community.

Our school has undertaken a lot of work to design our anti-bullying policy and ethos.  Bullying concerns are extremely rare but it is important to everybody at St George's they are dealth with transparently.

ALL SLT members are available to manage any bullying concerns raised by parents, carers, staff or children.

Department for Education have created a guide on expectations regarding Anti Bullying measures in schools.  This includescyber bullying.  That can be read by clicking here.

Nominated governor is Mr Charles Lucking.

Our policy was written in consultation with children and families (see examples of how this we done below) and has proven to be effective and minimising any bullying incidents but also ensuring that they are managed effectively on the rare occasions that concerns are raised by a child, staff or parents.  Policy was written with support from Kayte Walsh at Wirral's Bully Busters (My Esteem).  

Our policy and procedures acknowledge the importance of the Equality Act 2010, demonstrating our commitment to preventing and responding effectively to the bullying of protected and vulnerable groups of children including disabled children / children with SEN, those who are or perceived to be LGBT, race and religion targeted, young carers, looked after children, appearance targeted, sexist and sexual bullying.

From 2023 we have started working with teh Anti Bullying Alliance to ensure that our practice is audited and meets the best standards in schools.

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As well as our own processes we also signpost parents to:

Policy with leaflets and a form for raising concerns can all be read in the links at the end of this page.

We also signpost families to our digital safety page for advice to ensure that chidlren are notplaced at risk of harm from cyber bullying.



Anti-Bullying Conference

Our 8 anti-bullying ambassadors attended the Wirral Anti-Bullying Conference at Woodchurch High School. They had a great day and were able to take part in a number of activities. The day was organised by Kayte Walsh of My Esteem. The children had the opportunity to work with drama and dance specialists and take part in art and craft activities all linked to anti-bullying. The children now have the task of passing on the important messages from today to the rest of the school. Next week during anti-bullying week they will lead assemblies and help to develop some activities that will be used in the classes. 

Here are some of the activities that we completed:



We created an anti-bullying logo.


We decorated jars. They are called positivity jars. Inside there are lots of happy memories so that when we feel sad or we have had a tricky day we can read the messages inside the jar and it will help us to think positively again.



We all wrote a pledge to spread the word on anti-bullying and to help to keep everyone in our school happy and safe.





The children in year 3 enjoyed taking part in anti-bullying week. They demonstrated how they were all individuals but fitted together to make a good team!


In Year 5 and 6 the children were tasked with the task of promoting anti-bullying in a creative way. The children have spent time creating posters, videos, slideshows and poems. You can see some of their work in the documents section below.

Anti-Bullying Steering Group


We will not tolerate bullying at St George's.  As well as having clear policies on how we manage bullying we also place an emphais on education by developing our RESPECT model and teaching children how to combat prejudice and manage risks of anti-social behaviour, Cyber Bullying etc.

We hope the information is clear and welcome any feedback.

Anti-bullying workshop with School Council and their parents.


Anti-Bullying Workshops


We held workshops for the school council and their parents. We were also joined by two of our school governors, Mr Olsen and Mr Dunning. During the meetings we talked about what bullying is and created a group definition of what we think bullying is. The children were able to inform the parents of the work that they had done during anti-bullying week. The school council have an important role in delivering the anti-bullying message to their classes and they were able to talk about what advice they could give to a friend in need and who to go to for support. During the workshops we were also able to think about the behaviour policy at St George's and the parents, children and governors all gave some feedback about how we could improve our behaviour policy. The teachers will work with the school council to develop this further.


Year 1 and 2 Bullying Definition

Bullying is mean behaviour that happens more than once. It can make someone sad and unhappy.


Year 3 and 4 Bullying Definition

Bullying is repetitive, intentional, hurtful behaviour that makes people feel unhappy about themselves. Bullying is disrespectful behaviour towards somebody by another person or group of people, that happens many times.

Anti-Bullying Display



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