Across the country all of us are facing challenges to determine how we best respond to the threat of the coronavirus.  St George’s is no different.  This page will keep you updated on the school's current p

Update 14th January 2022

Dear Families,

Re: Guidance for Families on Testing and Close Contact with Covid-19

Over the last fortnight, the government have changed their guidance regarding testing and isolation requirements for families.  yesterday they reduced the comulosry isolation requirment to a minimum of 5 days.  Charts below should help to explain how this works.  For staff or children to return to school on day 6, they will need a clear LfT on the morning of day 6.

Biggest changes are:

  1. Removal of the requirement for a PCR test if you have had a positive lateral flow test.  Note that there are some exceptions to this.
  2. Shift to to a 5 day isolation period if you have two clear lateral flow tests on consecutive days after day 5 (morning of day 5 and day 6 are our recommendation).   However, you must continue to isolate for upto 10 days if your lateral flow tests remain positive or you are symptomatic. 

St george's Testing Flow Chart(1).jpg

Make Sure That You Understand New Laterafl Flow Test Guidance from 17th Jan.jpg

Update 6th January 2022

Dear Families,

Re: Guidance for Families on Testing and Close Contact with Covid-19

Over the last week, the government have changed their guidance regarding testing and isolation requirements for families.  Biggest changes are:

  1. Removal of the requirement for a PCR test if you have had a positive lateral flow test.  Note that there are some exceptions to this.
  2. Shift to to a 7 day isolation period if you have two clear lateral flow tests on consecutive days after day 6.   However, you must continue to isolate for upto 10 days if your lateral flow tests remain positive or you are symptomatic. 

We hope the diagrams below help to explain what you need  to do next:St george's Testing Flow Chart.jpg

Make Sure That You Understand New Laterafl Flow Test Guidance from 11th Jan.jpg

Make Sure That You Understand New Isolation Guidance.jpg

If your child is identified as a close contact of somebody with Covid-19 by NHS Test and Trace the government have said that your child must undertake daily lateral flow tests for 7 days. Tests are available in lots of different ways.  That includes:

Wirral Council Mobile test sites:

From local pharmacies.

Order them online:


0800 046 8687

We are aware that there are some supply changes with lateral flow tests at the moment. If you are really struggling to get hold of lateral flow tests we have a very small supply in school and may be able to help.

We are also aware that there may be a delay with contact from NHS Test and Trace and families may wish to start testing before this if they are aware that their child has been a close contact of somebody with a positive Covid-19 test result.   We hope that the flow chart below helps to explain the options available to you.


Update 3rd January 2022

Dear Families,

Re: Guidance for Families on Testing and Close Contact with Covid-19

Over the holiday period the government changed their guidance regarding testing and isolation requirements for families.  Biggest change is the shift to a 7 day isolation period if you have two clear lateral flow tests on consecutive days after day 6.   However, you must continue to isolate for upto 10 days if your lateral flow tests remain positive or you are symptomatic.  

If your child is identified as a close contact of somebody with Covid-19 by NHS Test and Trace the government have said that your child must undertake daily lateral flow tests for 7 days. Tests are available in lots of different ways.  That includes:

Wirral Council Mobile test sites:

From local pharmacies.

Order them online:

We are aware that there are some supply changes with lateral flow tests at the moment. If you are really struggling to get hold of lateral flow tests we have a very small supply in school and may be able to help.

We are also aware that there may be a delay with contact from NHS Test and Trace and families may wish to start testing before this if they are aware that their child has been a close contact of somebody with a positive Covid-19 test result.   We hope that the flow chart below helps to explain the options available to you.

St george's Testing Flow Chart.jpg


Make Sure That You Understand New Isolation Guidance.jpg


Update on 14th December 2021

14th December 2021,

Dear Families,

Re: Guidance for Families on Testing and Close Contact with Covid-19

Today the government changed their guidance on two critical aspects of how we manage Covid-19 with primary aged children.

  1. Firstly, they are now recommending the use of lateral flow tests with children aged 5 and above. Whilst many families have been using these tests.  They have not previously been recommended by government for use in primary aged children.  New tests are nasal swabs and far less intrusive that the throat swab that was required in earlier tests.
  2. If your child is identified as a close contact of somebody with Covid-19 by NHS Test and Trace the government have said that your child must undertake daily lateral flow tests for 7 days. Tests are available in lots of different ways.  That includes:

Wirral Council Mobile test sites:

From local pharmacies.

Order them online:

We are aware that there are some supply changes with lateral flow tests at the moment. If you are really struggling to get hold of lateral flow tests we have a very small supply in school and may be able to help.

We are also aware that there may be a delay with contact from NHS Test and Trace and families may wish to start testing before this if they are aware that their child has been a close contact of somebody with a positive Covid-19 test result.   We hope that the flow chart below helps to explain the options available to you.

St George's Testing Flow Chart.jpg

Under 5s are exempt from self-isolation and do not need to take part in daily rapid lateral flow testing.

Update on 1st November 2021

Dear families, we have updated our risk assessment based on latest advice from government.  This can be read by clicking here or scrollin gto the bottom of this page.

We have also uploaded our latest risk assessment for the continued road closure on St George's Road at lower site.  This can be read by clicking here.  This will be in place until 17th of December with a further review of the arrangements taking place with Wirral Council and Merseyside Police after this point.  The change in the road safety plan has also altered our daily timetable.  This is now:

timetable Nov.png

hfsvvt image.jpg

Lots of families have questions about testing.  This simple flow chart will help:


Update on 30th August 2021

Dear families, we are really looking forward to welcoming all our children back on Monday 6th September.    You can read our updated safety plan and risk assessment  by clicking on the links or scrolling to the bottom of this page.


Wirral Council have published a back to school guide for families that can be read on Wirral View website.  

Update on  22nd June 2021

Dear families,

Toady we have sent all families a letter from Directors of Children's Services and Public Health in Wirral Council.  Letter can be read by clicking here.   This letter reinforces the key messages in Mr Cassidy's newsletter on Monday.   As per public health advice, we have now reinstated request for masks to be worn by adults when collecting and dropping off their children.

hands face space and fresh air image.jpg

Moving Forwards Safely with Covid-19 In Summer Term

Families will be aware that there has been a steep rise in covid-19 infections for those under 30.  This is related to the more transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19.  This is causing significant disruption to education.  We are seeing a week by week rise in infections.   We anticipate that there will be some class closures and need for remote education over the next 4 weeks.  Over the weekend we had to close one bubble with 8 infections in one class.  We have never had more than connected in a class.

We know that the risk to children is minimal but it is clear that infections in young people and adults are now causing an increased transmission risk in our communities.  This was largely the reason for the government delaying the next phase of removing Covid-19 restrictions.  Government issued updated guidance to schools on Tuesday. 

We are working really hard to manage this to ensure that school remains open and that we minimise disruption to education.  Our safety plan hasn’t changed.  Key steps for our community are:


School Will

We Need Our Families To:

1.       Be Symptom Aware

Key symptoms remain:

·  High temperature and fever.

·  New and continuous cough.

·  Loss of taste or smell.


Ensure that we are vigilant on symptoms and ask children to get tested and self-isolate if they present with Covid-19 symptoms. 


There are some wider symptoms now being reported that include combination of extended headaches, runny nose, sore throat and upper respiration infections (chest to throat).  If you notice these please seek a PCR test and say Local Authority has advised you to get a test.

If anybody in your family has these symptoms, you need to isolate and get the symptomatic person tested.



2.    Follow Social Distancing and Mixing Rules.


Risk outside remains low.  However indoor mixing remains a trigger for Covid-19 symptoms.  Please follow the rules and encourage social distancing, especially when indoors.

Maintain class bubbles, so the risk of transmission in school is minimised.  


Maintain social distancing in school staff. 


Ensure that any family events follow limit of 30 and minimise need for indoor mixing.  Most events will now be recorded and shared via school website (Sports days, concerts etc).

Cancel any trips that expose our children to risk of social distancing being compromised.


Ensure that we follow test and trace advice.

Ensure that they respect social distancing and contact rules so we all work together to minimise spread of community infection.


Maintain social distancing and wear a mask at this time.  This has been reintroduced until the end of term.


Ensure that we follow test and trace advice.

3.    Apply safety and control measures.


We all know that excellent hygiene, cleanliness and ventilation helps to keep our environments safer.  It is essential that we maintain this.

Apply additional cleaning and excellent standards of hygiene to minimise risk of Covid-19 spreading in our environment.


Promote excellent hygiene with hand washing and reminding staff and children about hands-face-space approach. 


Maintain excellent standards of ventilation.


Use PPE when it offers protection to staff and children. 

Apply these measures when helpful at home. 

4.    Engage with vaccination and community testing.

Encourage our staff to engage with vaccination program so transmission and risk of serious illness is minimised.


All staff are tested twice a week so any asymptomatic cases are detected.

Engage with vaccination programme.


Participate in voluntary community testing for secondary aged children and adults. 

Q1:   What changes can we expect over next four weeks?

School should carry on as normal.  Main changes will be adjustments to transition events.  We have also had to cancel any planned trips.

All secondary transition days have now been cancelled for our year 6 children.  These were scheduled for 2nd of July.  It is unmanageable to have so many children mixing with such an increase in positive covid-19 cases in school age.  Your child’s secondary school will be in touch regarding transition arrangements and summer camps.

Our transition days (with exception of our current year 6) have been moved to 19th and 20th July.  This will allow us to create new bubbles.  2nd July Transition day has been cancelled.  We will write to you about this in early July. 

Year 6 will now finish school on 16th July.  (because of the above arrangements).  We have written to our Year 6 parents about this in more detail this morning. 

Family events such as sports days, concerts and transition meetings will now all be online. 

We have had to cancel all school trips due to the requirement to avoid bubbles mixing and close contact.


Q2:  What will happen if there is a positive Covid-19 case in my child’s class?

If the children have been in close and recent contact, we will have to close class bubbles and move to remote learning.  We will always follow local public health advice on this.  We will let you know if this is required through our Scholar Pack App and e-mail service.


Q3:  Do we expect there to be Covid restrictions in September?

Yes.   We believe that we will be required to maintain control measures throughout next year.   We see challenges ahead in relation to Department for Education guidance for:

  • Maintaining bubbles
  • Need for continued hygiene measures
  • Staggered start and end times across both sites (we are looking to reduce these)
  • Need for continued road closure at lower site
  • Need to manage social distancing with staff/visitors and parents on site
  • Mask wearing/PPE for staff and visitors
  • Parents evenings/family events

Update on  19th March 2021

Test & Trace Support Payments (self-isolation) 

 The Test and Trace Support Payment scheme is a national scheme administered locally to provide financial support, subject to certain criteria, to low income households to self-isolate.  The Scheme is being extended from Monday to parents and guardians who are not legally required to self-isolate, but who need to take time off work to look after a child or young person who is self-isolating.  Applicants will need to satisfy the other eligibility criteria for the scheme to receive the payment. Further details can be found at:

Update on  4th March 2021

1.  All our families can now order Covid-19 lateral flow test kits for the whole family to use at home.  You can order postal kits by clicking here or find your nearest collection centre by clicking here. Government information page on home testing can be accessed by clicking here.  

2.  Mr Cassidy's family Covid-19 safety presentation can be read by clicking here.  

Update on  1st March 2021

We are reallly looking forward to having all our children back at school on the 8th March.  We have published a letter for families, explaining our arrangements for the 8th of March.   You can read by clicking here.  We have also updated our safety plan.  You can read that by clicking here.

Mr Cassidy is holding a zoom meeting for families on Thursday  4th March at 5.30pm.   Details are:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 953 5423 2268

Passcode: 7ys70Z

Update 3.30pm on 5th January 2021

Dear Families,

We have had a really busy day trying to plan a way forwards that ensures that we are planning high quality support for children in Emergency School and children accessing school online.   This has been a huge task. 

Today we opened to a small number of children.  It was an unusual day and we appreciated your support with the transition arrangements. We were happy that we could support our critical worker families who had to go to work.

We are now busy trying to allocate children to Emergency School.  As you know we allocated 315 places in Emergency School for families whose parents are critical workers or whose children are classified as vulnerable.  That will allow us to have three pods of 15 children in every year group.     

We have been inundated requests.  We have had over 400 requests for places.  That is double what the requests made in the previous lockdown.  Allocating places is a challenge but the staff team are endeavouring to this quickly and fairly.

You will receive an e-mail later on stating if your child has been allocated a place.  That e-mail will also detail their new class bubble teacher.  We know that there will be some disappointed families.  We will keep all families who have not been allocated a place on our waiting lists.
Nursery will open tomorrow for all families.
If families are allocated a place in Emergency School and requested a place at Dragon Club this will also be allocated.  

Tomorrow we will start online lessons for the other 60% of children.    Lessons will start on their online platforms at their usual time.    They are:

·         ILD in Early Years

·         See-Saw in Years 1 and 2

·         Google Classroom in Years 3 to 6

There is information on how to access these on the school website, but your children have been using these in class and for home learning.

Parents who requested laptops will be able to collect them from the school office at 8.00am tomorrow morning.

We are also working to look at how we can support families entitled to free school meals.  The government have not indicated that there will be food vouchers allocated this time.  If there are no food vouchers provided, we will be preparing food hampers for delivery next week.


Update 5th January 2020

Critical Worker Registration for Emergency School

We have sent all families an e-mail regarding registration for Emergency School.  Details and form can be accessed using link below:

Please note registration will close at 2.30pm today.

Critical Update on Evening of 4th January

Dear Families,

Apologies for our delayed response following the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening.  Since the announcement we have been trying to ascertain the facts and develop a consensus regarding how we move forwards.  The government have published their lockdown guidance:

However, there is as yet no specific guidance for school leaders, so we are trying to make sense of many of the arrangements being proposed.

Although the national lockdown announcement appeared inevitable it has had a huge effect on our team.  We are devastated that we are once again facing a prolonged period of school closure.  As the Prime Minister stated tonight, school’s remain a safe place for children but school closures are needed to slow national ACovid-19 transmission rates.

We are much better prepared than we were last time.  Our plan will develop in 3 stages:

  1.  Opening Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will open for essential use only for all pupils.  School will be only available to critical workers and vulnerable children who were registered in emergency school last year (between April and July 2020).  If your child is in nursery or Foundation 2 and you need to attend school, please come tomorrow if it is essential.  Please only attend tomorrow if you have to.  As you can imagine we have a huge amount of planning to do.  Dragon Club will be open to any families meeting this criterion tomorrow. 

We did not want to close school tomorrow because we recognise that this service is essential for our valued key workers.  We want to ensure that we are supporting our community effort to address the horrors of Covid 19. 

  1.  Opening for Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children from Wednesday  5th January.  2021 Emergency School

Tomorrow morning will we issue a new registration process for all families whose parents or carers are critical workers.  The list of critical workers is extensive but we obviously only have a certain capacity.  Emergency School will be taught in classes of 15.  We will offer 45 places per year group.  This will mean that we have 3 teachers directly teaching in emergency school and all other staff supporting home learning. 

We will aim to open this at 8.00am and close registration by 2.00pm.  We hope to offer places from Wednesday 6th January.

Nursery will remain open as usual for families.

Currently the guidance states that we can offer wrap around care.  We hope to continue with Dragon Club for families registered in Emergency School.

  1.  Going to Online Learning

This will be the schooling offer for 60% of our children over the next few months.  Children can access online learning from tomorrow.  This is available on our website:

Starting on Wednesday we will set up a home learning team to align our home learning offer to our school curriculum.  This will be managed through our existing platforms of:

  • Early Years through ILD
  • Years 1 and 2 through See Saw
  • Years 3 to 6 through Google Classroom

We will be able to offer 60 laptops to families who don’t have access to digital learning.  We may also be able to offer free wireless access.  We will send our registration for these devices tomorrow afternoon.  Again this will have to be a limited offer.

In addition to this we have a huge amount to achieve with supporting families with free school meals, safeguarding support and other services.

I know that our amazing team can achieve this.  Please be patient with us over the next few days.  The task is herculean with no preparation time but be reassured that we will do everything we can to support our school community.

We hope this lockdown is shorter than the last and wish to have our school restored as soon as it is safe to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Cassidy



Update on 4th January 2021

Dear families, we are really looking forward to having everybody back on Tuesday 5th January.  Mr Cassidy wrote to all families with an update on the school's position and safety plans on 2nd January.  That letter can be read by clicking here.      

Update on 28th August 2020

Dear families, we are really looking forward to having everybody back next week.  Children are due to return on Thursday 3rd September.  Mr Cassidy has written a welcome back newsletter today with some key information for families.  We have also updated our safety plan.  You can viue Wirral Council's safety message for families by scrolling to the bottom of this page.  

Update on 13th July 2020

Dear families today we have uploaded our updated safety plans for the transition days on 16th and 17th of July and then for September 2020. The letter can be read here. We are delighted to be restoring our school community and finally seeing the 50% of children who haven't been able to return to school since lockdown procedures began.  Senior staff and governors and very secure in the science that demnstrates that with a rigorous safety plan, our school will remain a safe and secure place for children.  The 423 children who have attended since June have demonstrated this.

Parents should familiarise themselves with:

  • Our safety plan and risk assessment can be read on our managing coronavirus page.  Please note that the safety plan has some blank pages.  These are for timetables and other administrative tasks that will be added over the summer. 
  • Watch the school video that we created in June that demonstrates many of our new safety routines.
  • Short video of Mr Cassidy explaining the school’s safety procedures here

Update 15th June 2020

We have created a short film to expain our safety measures as we implement a phased reopening of the school.  You can wach it by clicking here.

Update 6th June 2020

Following our newsletter, sent home yesterday, Mr Cassidy has sent families an important letter in response to reports regarding community infection rates of Covid-19.  You can read it by clicking here.


Update 3rd June 2020

The first day of our phased reopening has been really successful.  Our school has been a safe and happy place to be.  We are now encouraging all working families to join us this week and all other children who are registered in Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 6 to join us from 8th June.    We have updated all our sfaety documents.  these are nw complete.  We understand that these documents are very long but hope that parents appreciate the work and diligence that has been applied to ensure that our school is a safe, secure and happy place.    

85% of families in those year groups have registered for a place.  With a maximum of 15 children in each pod (see safety documents for further explanations) that means that we are now using 29 classrooms for pods.  At present we have very little capacity for other year groups.   Until further government guidance is issued we will not be able to make any further decisions on this.  That includes Foundation 1.  We are very concerned about this because we would like to have all pupils back for some time before the end of this academic year.  

Mrs Chambers is leading a team of 6 staff who are going to continue to promote and support home learning.  

All families should note that St George's Road is closed to traffic at the start and end of the school day.  This is helping our families to be safe as we manage the staggeered start and ends to our school day. 


Update 19th May 2020

Dear families, today, we have published our full safety guidance for the proposal to reopen our school for children in Reception (Foundation 2), Year 1, Year 6 and our key worker children from Tuesday 2nd June.   Risk assessment can also be read by clicking here

This detailed document includes risk assessments, maps, timetables and other arrangements.  You can also read the summary letter to parents here.

At the bottom of this page is a video letter from Mr Cassidy explaining the actions taken by the school.

Our plan demonstrates the scope and challenge of the work that we are undertaking to ensure that our school continues to be a safe and secure place for our children.  We have also published our revised Covid-19 health and safety guide for staff.  We haven't published our action plan for achieving this but that details 10 pages of actions for school leaders before the 2nd of June.  Preparation of this plan has involved meetings will all staff in school.  We have also sent our safety plans to Wirral Council and trade associations.   

To ensure that this plan is implemented safely, we will be closing the school to all children including key worker families on 1st June.

For families with children in the year groups affected, we will be contacting parents to complete a simple questionnaire to indicate whether you will be sending your child to school.  You will have 3 choices:

1.  Indicate if you will be sending your child to school from 2nd June

2.  Indicate if you would like us to register your child in a pod but that you will be waiting before sending your child to school.  Important to note that children will only be allowed to join their pod on a Monday if you do delay sending them to school.

3.  State that you will not be sending your child to school this academic year.   We will not register your child in a pod.

The safety plan requires children to learn, eat and play in their pods to reduce transmission.  Pods will operate as safety bubbles to reduce transmission risk as the number of children increases in the school.  Therefore, we have had to make the sad choice to close Dragon Club.  We know that this will cause difficulties for many families but is unavoidable if we are going to safely reopen our school.

Parents will also notice significant changes to school hours and staggered starts and closures for children in different year groups.  Again, this is necessary to ensure that we reopen safely.  We fully understand that this will cause challenges for families but safety must come first.


Update 14th May 2020

We are currently responding to the government's challenge to reopen part of the school from 1st June 2020.  Letter detailing the school's plan from our head teacher and Chair of Governors can be read here.  


In response to the government's announcement we are working with all our staff on a detailed plan to ensure that we are prepared to start safely welcoming children back to school.  From 2nd of June that will be a school offer for nursey, Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 6.   If that phase is successful we have been asked to try and get all children back to school before the end of June.  Key worker school will continue during this transition phase.

Throughout the pandemic we have been consistent in our stance that with good planning, schools should continue to be a safe and secure place for children.  

However, we will have to operate differently.  Next week we will share our safety plan with you and ask parents to complete a questionnaire and start a Question and Answer process for our families so your voice is heard.

In this page we have links to important information for families.  We will update this page as the information to school changes.

In this page we will upload:

  • Letters to families
  • Links from Department for Education/Department for Health advice
  • Guidance document for families from Wirral Council
  • Our updated safety paln for Covid-19

Positive Messages

Well done to Eliza (and her dad) for sharing their song about how we feel positive despite the challenges of Covid 19.  You can watch their video here.  Their positive message has gone viral with news reports on BBC Radio Merseyside and ITV.

We have also emebedded a film from our amazing EYFS staff to wish everybody a 'Happy Easter' in the EYFS page (scroll down to the bottom  of this page).

Family Well-Being Offer from Zumos

Our partners at Zumos have made a 70-day Wellbeing programme available to families

There is no subscription or sign-up necessary, simply follow the link below and start accessing the resources. They include Mindfulness activities, how to be Happy recordings, resources to gain new skills and challenge yourself, as well as lots of expert written content helping you manage relationships and other aspects of life. This support is available to everyone whether Zumos users or not so please feel free to share with friends and family.

Advice to Families from Government (updated 1st April 2020)

Dear parents, link below takes to you advice for families on all aspects of childrcare, safety and advice whilst you are managing the impact of school closures.  Also includes a section on online safety advice:

Free School Meals Update 27th March

Dear parent, we are pleased to announce that Wirral Council has agreed to fund free school meal shopping vouchers for all families.  We will be setting this up from 30th March.  This will be an online service.  Please check your e-mails daily next week.  This will be funded at £2.35 per day for all children eligible. this funding will also be offered over the Easter Holidays. We will continue to offer our daily catering service, free of charge to all families who need support.

Update At End of 23rd March 2020

Dear families,

We have come to the end of a demanding and disorienting week.  We have ensured that your children have left us positively today.  However, we are devastated to see our children leaving us in such uncertain circumstances.

There has been a lot of collective spirit in our staff team today but this has been mixed with a lot of tears.  In a day, our brilliant team have turned top site into a new primary school with provision for 3 to 11 year olds.  Staff have been supervising children, moving furniture, clearing classrooms and ensuring that we are ready to support our vulnerable and key worker families on Monday.

This will provide 25% of our families with emergency school places. Each class will have 30 children in.  We believe that is the highest ratio of provision in the Wirral.  If we were to go any higher, we would be ignoring the hygiene and social distancing requirements that we must put in place to ensure safety for children and staff in the ongoing Covid 19 (Coronavirus) crisis.  I also could not ensure safe staffing supervision beyond this level.

We have completed the enrolment process for all key worker requests. We are now full.  We have been able to meet all requests with the exception of one family in Year 2; one family in Year 5 and 16 families in EYFS.   We will not be able to accept any more requests for places.  No family should bring their chid to school unless you have had an e-mail confirming that you have a place. 

We have had to make decisions to prioritise front line staff from NHS, social care and other agencies.   We know that every role is vital and wish that we had the capacity to meet every request.  That is just impossible.  If any places come available, we will contact families on the standby list as a priority.

All children attending key worker school provision are entitled to a free school lunch.  They are welcome to bring in their own packed lunches. 

Please note that this request does not affect requests for Dragon Club or Holiday Club support.  We have been able to meet all those requests in full. 

Wirral Council are looking at alternative provision for key worker children who couldn’t be accommodated in their own school.  We will keep you updated if any other services are available.

We have worked tirelessly and swiftly to support families in these most challenging of times.  We hoped to accommodate all requests.   We ask that all families let us know immediately if they no longer require this support, so we can make this available to our community.

Families coming to school should arrive at the school gate from 8.40am.  Families will be allowed to drop off their children at their new class.  Each class will be taught by staff from their year group.  All staff are included in our rotas.

Children attending school should:

  • wear school uniform,
  • bring in a coat,
  • bring in a water bottle,
  • bring any medication to their class,
  • bring in their P.E kits.

We will open the school gates at 3.15pm every night and your children will be available for collection at 3.20pm.  If they attend before or after school Dragon Club, they should be dropped off and collected from the main entrance.

If they are unwell, please contact the school by e-mail or phone the office to report your child’s absence.

We will approach next week with optimism but also recognise this is not a situation that any of us wanted.  Our staff team will be in contact with families learning at home.  Staff are updating learning, videoing lessons and adding message to the year group pages of the website.

I visited every class today to give our children three important messages:

  1. Thank you for being fabulous and helping us this week.
  2. To remind them how we proud we are of their resilience and care for others.  Whilst many are sad to leave us, they have understood that the changes at our school are in place so we can look after the safety of the vulnerable in our community.
  3. To assure them they will be thinking of them and preparing for their return. 


Sharing this message with our year 6 pupils was most challenging.  They face the uncertainty of what happens in their primary school and how we will support them with transition to our secondary schools.  We will find a way to work with our families with this.  I promised our year 6 children that if we are unable to return to school this summer, we will invite them back for a farewell party as soon as we can. They were reassured by this but even happier when they realised that I will no longer be their head teacher and they won’t have to follow my instructions.

Please look after yourself.  We will keep in touch.  Your positive messages and feedback have sustained our staff team in the most demanding of times.  Over the next few weeks, we will all have to understand that the current stress in life will affect us all.  We will be thinking of all our families and hope that you are well.  Kindness, tolerance and humour will be needed over the next few months. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr Cassidy

Update Regarding Planned School Provision from 23rd March 2020.  

The governemnt released their guuidance today (20th March) regarding who would be an eligible key worker for a free place at the school provision provided to assist Key Workers and vulnerable pupils during the Covid 19 (coronavirus) crisis.   

Guidance is very clear.  Schools will remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.  There is a long list of roles that constiute key worker status.  This can be found by following the link below:

We are planning free provision will be based at the Claremount Road site for children registered at St George's.  

If your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors listed by the government, and you cannot keep your child safe at home then your children will be prioritised for education provision.  There will be a limit to this provision.   We are offering 30 places per year group and a maximum of 80 at our extended school service (Dragon Club).

We will offer the following at no charge:
1.  Place at breakfast club from 7.30am during the school day.  This will be supervised by Dragon Club staff.
2.  Registered school provision during the school day from 8.50am to 3.20pm.
3.  Free hot lunch or deli bar provision during school days.
4.  Place at after school club from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.  This will be supervised by Dragon Club staff.
5.  Place at our Easter Holiday Club (except for Bank Holidays) from 8.00am to 5.30pm.  Children will need to bring packed lunches.

We are aiming to start that provision on the 23rd March but may have to delay this if the guidance from Department for Education is late and we can't complete registers and authorise places.  We will start this offer as fast as we can.

We understand that many families would like more information regarding this.

To get the process started we have designed an online questionnaire for you to complete.   This is an expression of interest form.  Please click the link below to get started with this:

Expression of Interest Form for Key Workers

As the situation changes, if we have space availabe we will offer new admissions for critical worker families but that will be on specified dates.

Free School Meals Provision

We have confirmed that we will be providing free school meal service for all eligible families starting on 23rd March.  This will be a collection service from top site with daily menu choices.  Will be hot meal choices and packed lunchoptions.  We will be contacting all families who are eligible about how they can access this service and place their orders.

Update send on 19th March 2020 to Families

Dear families,

following last night's government's announcement, we will be in full planning mode today.  The uncertainty regarding school closures has caused anxiety for families.  What we now know is that from the end of the school day on Friday the 20th of March the school will be closed to the majority of pupils.  This is an 'indefinite measure'. 
 We have no indication how long this will last for. This measure has been put in place to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) virus. 

I am meeting with the Senior Leadership Team at 9.30am this morning to look at how we move forwards.  Throughout this crisis we have applied the mantra that we act in a 'calm and informed' manner.  That will be the case over the next few days.

We recognise the pressure this will put on many families.  School closures mean self-isolation and social distancing.  It is not an extended holiday.  We will be trying to ensure that your children are emotionally supported and reassured today.  School is a place of safety and familiarity for children.  We know that they will be confused and anxious.  Message is that we are all ok at St George's.  Closing school is a helpful step, so our communities are able to care better for those who are unwell.

We will be sending home some resources and ideas to support your child's learning at home.  We will be using the year group web pages of the website to ensure that we communicate with you and provide daily learning advice.
If your child is currently off school, we will make the learning packs available on Friday afternoon from the school offices.

The government have asked us to remain partially open for the most vulnerable pupils and for the families of key workers. That will include 'wrap around' Dragon Club provision and holiday club provision for children eligible under government guidance.    In the spirit of the government's request to support key workers that offer will be open from nursery to year 6.

At present we are unclear about the scope of that provision.  The government have said that they will be providing clear guidance today on their expectations for schools, what roles 'key workers' will constitute and their plans for feeding free school meals children.  As soon as we have this information we will be contacting families with further details about the school offer, who is eligible and how you will register for this.  There is no need to contact us before then.

As a staff team we are devastated to be closing.  We come to work every day to provide the best care and opportunities for your children.  Be reassured that we will continue working to ensure that we look after the families at St George's and planning to re-open at the earliest opportunity that we can safely educate and care for your pupils.


School's response from latest guidance from government on 16th March is below:

Dear families,

We welcome the clarity of the updated advice from the Prime Minister and the Chief Medical Officer regarding the next phase of coronavirus management.   Specifically they have asked for anybody with "new, continuous" cough or high temperature" symptoms to self isolate.  Public Health ENgland Advice is below:

Stay at home advice-Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How long to stay at home if you have symptoms

Anyone with symptoms should stay at home for at least 7 days.

If you live with other people, they should stay at home for at least 14 days, to avoid spreading the infection outside the home.

After 14 days, anyone you live with who does not have symptoms can return to their normal routine.

But, if anyone in your home gets symptoms, they should stay at home for 7 days from the day their symptoms start. Even if it means they're at home for longer than 14 days.


If you live with someone who is 70 or over, has a long-term condition, is pregnant or has a weakened immune system, try to find somewhere else for them to stay for 14 days.

If you have to stay at home together, try to keep away from each other as much as possible.

If you still have symptoms after 7 days

After 7 days, if you no longer have a high temperature you can return to your normal routine.

If you still have a high temperature, stay at home until your temperature returns to normal.

If you still have a cough after 7 days, but your temperature is normal, you do not need to continue staying at home. A cough can last for several weeks after the infection has gone.

We need to ensure that we are vigilant with our response to coronavirus but also remain calm.  For example a cough with risk indicators is a new and 'persistent' one.  We also ask parents to check fever temperatures if you suspect that your child has a temperature.  We continue to ask for your support with stringent hygeine measures and handwashing.

We know that there is no quick fix to this problem.  It will place a lengthy strain on public life and services.  The best way we can respond is act in an informed manner, be calm and adhere to the advice given to us.

Please approach the school if you have any questions or ask NHS 111 for medical advice. We have already put in a lot of control measures in school and these will continue. We have created a page on the front page of the website to keep you updated about the school's actions in relation to coronavirus.

Re:  Update Regarding Advice to Schools for Covid-19 Coronavirus (March 6th)

The situation regarding Covid-19 and the implications for families and schools is changing rapidly. We are facing an unprecedented situation. Our school’s priority is to ensure the well-being of our community. We are ensuring that our actions are informed and that we act calmly.

We are currently planning for all scenarios.  Our hope is that the school remains open.  However, if we do face closure we need to have clear lines of communication with families. Last night, I met with the staff team to outline our continued containment measures and our planning for any future scenarios. Information below includes extracts of advice for schools from Public Health England.

What Can We Do Now?

In the last week we have been ensuring that safety and hygiene are at the highest possible standards in school. This has included:

  • Teaching our children improved hygiene and increasing the frequency of hand washing in school.
  • Increasing cleaning hours so that we are in constant ‘deep clean’ procedures for key hard surfaces.  Whilst the virus doesn’t thrive on surfaces, in view of the frequency of movement in a school this is a good precautionary measure.
  1.  Families can support this by reinforcing good hygiene habits with their children at home.
  1. We all need to be mindful of the key symptoms. However, we also recognise that these symptoms present themselves in lots of illnesses. If you develop any of the key symptoms our advice is that you seek professional advice regarding what you should do next. 







  1. We are also asking families to seek advice and keep us informed if they suspect that they may have had contact with somebody who has Covid-19 symptoms or if they may have travelled to an area classified as an ‘outbreak’ area for Covid -19.

Parents and children identified at risk may be advised by NHS to ‘self isolate’ for 14 days.  The incubation period of COVID-19 is between 2 and 14 days. This means that if a person remains well 14 days after contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus, it is unlikely that they have been infected.



Department for Education have set up an information line for parents, staff and even children.  The details are:

Phone: 0800 046 8687 (Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday)


Parents may have specific questions regarding the management of their children if they have pre-existing health issues.  These should be directed to health professionals who can give you informed and clear advice.

School closures will only be enforced if the containment measures in place are unsuccessful and there is an increased risk to communities. At present, we cannot predict the scope or dates for this. Head Teachers do not have the authority to close the school because of the Covid-19 virus. This will be directed by Public Health England.  If this happens we will have clear lines of communication for families.  We will communicate with:

  • Parents and families via school app.  We will also set up an update page on the school website.  If you are not on the app, it is vital that you do this. You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play on Android phones. More information is available on the next page.
  • Children via their year group pages on school website.  We will set up an area for each class with learning links, videos and updates from the staff.  We recognise that if we face closure children will be anxious but also limited as to what they can do with their time.
  • Staff will most likely work from home in this scenario.  We will keeping in contact as a staff team and doing as much work as we can through online platforms, Google hangouts and other forms of communication.  We will be checking e-mails regularly. However, it will be unlikely that we would access the phone if the school is closed.

We hope this information is useful.  Please remember that our staff team are not health experts.  They are reliant on getting information from NHS and Public Health England.  We will be supportive but may have to direct your questions regarding management of the virus to the helpline.


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