Governing Body Reporting Documents

Transparency and clear reporting are two of the key principles that underpin the work of our Governing Body.  Below are our most recent report key reports.

1.  Governing Body's Annual Report on Use of Pupil Premium.  This reports on how we are using funding from Department for Education to support our most disadvantaged pupils.

2.  Governing Body's Use of National Sport, Health and Well Being funding.   

3.  Three Year School Development Plan.  This shows the focus of our work this year to drive school improvement.

5.  Head Teacher's Annual Report

6.  Most recent Governing Body Report on Standards.  This was published in July 2023.

7.  2023-24 Tuition Report.

8.  Salary Reporting Duty.  

All local authority maintained schools are required to publish annually on their websites the number of individuals (if any) earning over £100,000 a year. This information is required to be published in bands of £10k.

At 01/01/2023 Mr Cassidy is the only member of staff reaching this salary threshold.  He is paid at point no 35 on the leadership pay scale as outlined in the School Teacher's Pay and Conditions document.  That is a salary of £102,137.  That is band of £100,000 to £110,000.


  • Our most recent parents' survey can be read by clicking here.  
  • You can also review our Attendance Strategy by clicking here.
  • School finance data can also be explored through DfE Benchmarking data.  Link is:


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