Governing Body and Statutory Reports


Every school has a Governing Body to represent the public in the running of schools. The Governing Body supports the Headteacher and staff and is accountable to its stakeholders for the school's overall performance and for decisions it has made.

St Georges Primary School has 13 Governors made up as follows;

  • 6 Community Governors. A community governor are people who, in the opinion of governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. 
  • 5 Parent Governors. A parent governor is a representative and not a delegate of parents and should not become personally involved in any individual concerns. 
  • Head Teacher Governor.  It is expected practice for head teachers to be a member of the governing Body.
  • 1 Staff Governors. A staff governor role is not to represent staff, nor stand alongside the Headteacher in being held to account by the governing body, but to operate as part of the governing body to provide strategic leadership and to hold the headteacher to account.  Mrs Horton is a staff governor

The Governors are the formal strategic body who meet once each term to set priorities for the school and agree on the long term plans including the school budget. This section includes minutes of their meetings, information about vacancies and the different types of governors.


Governor Type


Term End

Phillip Walters


Vice Chair of FGB

July '21

Alan Ward



Oct '21

Allan Lee



Oct '23

Amy Vickers



Nov '22

Brian Clark


Chair of C&PC

Jan '21

Charlotte Scott


Chair of FGB 

Chair of R&PC

Oct '20

Chas Lucking



Nov '22

Hannah Rice



Oct '23

Julie Marshall



Oct '23

Mark Wiggins



Jun '22

Pete Dunning


Chair of SC

Oct '20





Bernard Cassidy 




Kamal Choudhary





















If you would like to contact of our Board of Governors you can do so by writing (please mark an envelope as confidential for the attention of Chair of Governors) via the school office given Governors are not based in school Alternatively, if you prefer email, please contact the Clerk to Governors at and your correspondence will be forwarded accordingly.

If you have any questions about our Board of Governors, please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk for Governors. 

Mr Choudhary - Clerk for Governors

You can write, leave a message at the front office or e-mail

Our Governors are volunteers from the local school community who work together to ensure that the school is well managed.  The Headteacher and representatives from the school work force are also members of the Governing Body.


1.  Standards Committee - Pete Dunning (Chair)

2.  Resources & Premises Committee - Charlotte Scott (Chair)

3.  Curriculum and Pastoral Committee - Brian Clark (Chair)

Attached is our:

  • Instrument of Governance
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Committee Attendance Register
  • Annual Meetings Calendar
  • Code of Conduct

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