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Health Screening is an important part of our multi agency work to look after our children's well being and get them the support they need as early as possible.  Information regarding screening and how parents can contact NHS Trust or opt of screening is attached at the bottom of this page.

Working with colleagues at Wirral Community Health Care Trust we health screen children as follows.

Foundation 2 Hearing and Vision Screening

In Foundation 2 to identify any vision or hearing problems that may affect your child’s learning. The screening sessions will be delivered in your child’s school during their Foundation 2 school year.

Vision screening:

The screening will take place in school by trained staff. If a vision problem is detected, you will be notified by letter.  Your child may be rescreened as part of our Quality Assurance arrangements with Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH).

Hearing screening:

If a hearing problem is detected your child will have a retest. If the problem is still present you will be notified by letter and an appointment for the hearing clinic will be offered.

Your child may be retested as part of our Quality Assurance arrangements with Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH).

In the best interests of your child this information could be shared with the school on a need to know basis unless parents notify NHS staff in writing to the contrary.

Height and Weight checks for children in Reception and Year 6

 Every year in England, school children in Reception and Year 6 have their height and weight checked at school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. Height and weight measurements are used to calculate weight status.  We collect this information because it is in the public interest to understand how many children are overweight, a healthy weight  or underweight. Your child’s class will take part in this year’s programme.

The checks are carried out by registered school nurses or trained health care providers. Children are measured fully clothed, except for their coats and shoes, in a private space away from other pupils.

Information and fun ideas to help your kids stay healthy can be found at


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