Important Community Contacts

As well as the links shared our pastoral support and family support pages, we also have a number of important community contacts.  

School Nurse:
Our School Nurse is available to support you with any medical issues or concerns you may have.

The Nurse is not based at school but we cna contact the central school nurse desk for support.


0-19 Health Service

Our families can also access health support through the 0-19 service:

Wirral Attendance Service :
Our current attendance office is Vicky Jones. Vicky supports our school and families with attendance and punctuality issues.

If you are struggling to get your child to school please contact us using so we can arrange a meeting with Steve.

Family Action

Family Action has started a national conversation about the everyday pressures on families or ‘family monsters’. The campaign aims to get these pressures out in the open and to stop family monsters becoming overwhelming by helping families find ways to talk about them, enabling families to  face their pressures together.

Family Action has released a new short film bringing family monsters to life – go to to watch and share it.

To find out how the Family Monsters Project is helping every family face their pressures you can also follow #MyFamilyMonsters on social media.

They have also launched Family Line, a free confidential helpline for families. FamilyLine is open weekday evenings (6 to 10pm) and weekend mornings (10am to 1pm) to support any family member struggling with any aspect of family life, such as parenting challenges, family conflict, relationship difficulties or mental health and wellbeing. Calls, emails or text messages are free, answered quickly, and in confidence, by a team of trained volunteers under the supervision of Family Action experts.


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