Meet The Committee

Our PTA committee this year are:

Chair – Jill Drew

Vice chair – Amy Vickers

Secretary – Helen Slater

Soc Secretary – Laura Austin

Treasurer – Louisa Brady

The committee have to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) usually every September, where we elect committee members, as we are a registered charity. (Charity Number 1004094)

Everybody is welcome to nominate themselves or others for the roles stated above. (or just come along for the tea, biscuits or glass of something stronger! smiley


Our official roles are laid out below, but to be honest, we work really well as a team, and we tend to help each other generally, so sometimes our roles are a bit blurred.. but that's just how this particular committee rolls cheeky


We have a few trusty parents who help us with things like sorting donations before the Christmas/Summer Fairs (as these are our biggest fundraisers in the year) and its usually an hour at most on donation days, the more the merrier! 

We also usually need helpers to help out at discos which is quite a nice job as you get to see them throwing some shapes to the DJ's best party tunes frown


We also have parents who sometimes want to help out with jobs at home, eg, cutting/sticking. Organising raffle ticket books into strips etc.. Please put your name down if you think thats someting you could do? Help always appreciated indecision


The Committee

Roles and Duties



Jill Drew

Jill is a busy mum with 3 children and a midday assistant at school as well as general dogs body cheeky

She has been on the committee since 2014.

Job function

To ensure that the business of the PTA is conducted in accordance with the wishes of the representatives of the PTA, to uphold the constitution of the PTA, and prepare and submit statutory reports to Regulatory Bodies

Main duties:

  • Provide leadership
  • Sign the approved minutes of the last meeting
  • Set the agenda for meetings
  • Get to know members of the committee
  • Run meetings in an efficient and timely manner ensuring that everyone is able to contribute
  • Agree a date for the next meeting
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Write the annual report in cooperation with the Secretary
  • Authorise online payments for the PTA with one other committee member

Vice Chair

Amy Vickers


Job function
To support the chair in all aspects of their role, to ensure that the business of the PTA is conducted in accordance with the wishes of the representatives of the PTA and to uphold the constitution of the PTA. 


Main duties:
1. To chair meeting in the absence of the Chair 

2. To draw up annual PTA programme in consultation with the Chair.

3. To prepare meeting agendas by consulting with the PTA Chair. 

4. To welcome and involve other parents into the PTA.

5. To lead parent and wider school community engagement in PTA (class representatives, use of local contacts and skills).

6. To prepare with the Chair the PTA annual report for the Annual General Meeting.


Helen Slater

Job function

The Secretary is a key committee member as they are responsible for ensuring effective communication links between committee members and between the PTA and the school.

The Secretary deals with all the correspondence that the PTA receives and helps the Chair ensure that committee meetings run smoothly.  Building up a good relationship with the school Secretary will help make sure that correspondence, sent to the school, is passed onto the PTA promptly.

As well as dealing with correspondence, following a committee meeting, the Secretary will need to make bookings and other arrangements for events. Confirm arrangements made by telephone in writing (by letter or e-mail).  The Secretary will make arrangements for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help the Chair prepare the annual report. The Secretary may also be involved in co-signing cheques on behalf of the PTA.

Main duties:

  • Deal with correspondence
  • Arrange meetings
  • Prepare and distribute agendas
  • Take the minutes of meetings, type them up and distribute them
  • Ensure that enough committee members are present to make the meeting quorate
  • Write the annual report with the Chair
  • Preparation and distribution of newsletters and other communications to parents
  • Preparation of publicity flyers, posters, tickets, etc. for events


Louisa Brady


Louisa is a manager at Hays Travel in Heswall, and has worked for them for 7 years. She is a busy mum with 3 children. She has been on the committee since 2014.


Job function

To maintain up-to-date records of all PTA financial transactions

Main duties:

  • Day-to-day management of accounts, including issuing bills and receipts on behalf of the PTA and  raise payments online for authorisation.
  • To prepare and update financial ledgers on a regular basis. 
  • To complete banking transactions on a regular basis. 
  • To organise floats for fundraising events, collect and reconcile monies raised at these events and report totals raised to the appropriate stakeholders.  Money raised at school events will be locked in the school safe after the event. 
  • To prepare and report financial statements at PTA Meetings. 
  • To prepare a concise Financial Report for the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Charity registration and Gift Aid

Social Secretary

Laura Austin



Job Function:

To communicate and promote the work of the PTA.

Main duties:

  • Work closely with the school office to circulate information to parents via email, website or text alerts
  • Publicising PTA events and fundraising initiatives,
  • Liaising with the local press to get press coverage of PTA events.
  • Ensuring posters are displayed around the school in good time.
  • Ensuring all information on PTA work is kept current and up to date

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