Modern Foreign Languages

"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." 

Being a linguist at St George's Primary means..

Being curious about other countries and learning about their culture:

At St George's, our language journey begins with exploring which countries our classmates have visited and the languages locals speak in those countries. This gives us the opportunity to learn basic greetings and actions that might accompany these greetings in different countries, noticing similarities and differences compared to ours.


Listening to a foreign language:

Understanding simple words and phrases in an everyday context, such as opinions and responses to questions when modelled to us. We recognise grammatical rules as we progress, noticing how this compares to rules we know in the English language and remembering this as the basis for future language study as we get older.


Speaking in a foreign language:

Asking and answering questions in the everyday context, developing confidence to present ideas to varying audiences (partners, groups, classmates). Increasing accuracy with pronouncing learned words leads us to improving our overall speaking skills over time, even speaking with intonation to express emtoion and tell stories.


Reading in a foreign language:

Using knowledge from listening to and speaking in French to read familiar words and phrases aloud, including from short texts and poems of cultural significance in French speaking countries. As we widen our language knowledge, we are able to use what we already know to understand similar words and the overall meaning of a passage.


Writing in a foreign language:

Beginning with a modelled sentence using learned words, we write phrases relating to a range of topics with increasing independance. As we learn the key grammatical features of modelled sentences, we build sentences of our own and use tools such as dictionaries to search for unfamiliar words.




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