Online Links

Online Links

Hello Year 6!


These are additional links in case you would like to boost your home learning even further - they are optional extras. Click on the images and links below to take you to the website page. 


General Curriculum

Here are hyperlinks for websites that provide a variety of activities, covering a range of topics.

On Bitesize and Education City, you will find videos, games and interactive learning tools.

Twinkl has made lots of home learning resource packs free to download from their website below.






Below are hyperlinks to a range of mathematical games that will help your child to become more fluent and confident in key mathematical skills.

The children have been provided with login details for TTRockstars, MyMaths, Classroom Secrets and diagnostic questions. TTRockstar will enable your child to practice their timestables. MyMaths provides step-by-step lessons, guidance and questions across all areas of mathematics. Classroom Secrets priovides arithmetic style questions. Diagnositic questions is a site that uses quizzes to access learning. We will set quizzes that your child can complete. 

To access NumBots, children will use their TTRockstars login details.

All other games can be accessed without a login.

Please try to encourage your child to play on a range of games throughout the week.

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Personal Finance

Natwest Moneysense provides games, videos and activity sheets for lots of money-based fun. This is great opportunity to discuss finances with your family and give your child feel life examples and experiences.

This half term, we are looking at fractions. Below is a link to some fantastic online lessons which will really enhance your learning at home:

Fractions Online Lessons



Below are hyperlinks that children can access from home and are familiar with. Try to encourage your children to do four reads a week and once finished, independently take an Accelerated Reader quiz. They will need to access the St George's Accelerated Reader Site through the QR code on their login grid or by clicking the link below.

You can read online books for free at the moment by clicking on this link: Lots of these books have AR quizzes linked to them. 

Spelling shed is a platform which enables children to practise age appropiate spellings.

Oxford Owl has lots of e-books for your child to read. To access these, you will need to create a parent login.

Additionally, local libraries have also made access to e-books free. You will need to create a temporary membership by clicking the link below. You will be issued with a number and pin and this can then be used to access e-books and e-audio.


Additionally, if you want to learn about World War I, there are some great online lessons which tach you all about Walter Tull, who was a famous footballer and soldier during the first world war. You can hear his story here:

Walter Tull's WW1 Scrapbook




Mental Health and Well-Being
Below are hyperlinks for websites that you can access at home to keep your mind and body healthy and happy!

On Zumos you can complete your daily diary, meditation and play some mindful games.The worry box on Zumos is still avaliable and teachers will be able to read and respond to.

You can get active on 'imoves' and join in with a range of different fitness activities. Supermovers involves both learning and being active at the same time!



Physical Activity

During lockdown, the Body Coach, Joe Wicks, ran a series of live exercise classes specifically designed for children. The workouts are still available on his YouTube channel for you to acess. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. The hyperlink below will lead you to his channel. Please ensure you supervise your child when using YouTube.



Explorify is free to sign up to and amazing for Science discussion! Zoom in zoom out is a school favourite as is odd one out as there’s no right answer, you just have to reason!

STEM has provided ten free activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.


This half term, we are going to be learning all about circuits, which means we will be doing some really fun experiements. 

STEM have produced a fantastic video here all about sources of electricity. There are some worksheets too which you can work through if you wish:

STEM Home Learning

National Geographic Kids is a website that children can discover some of the coolest facts from around our planet. From animals and geography to science, nature and history, there are so many amazing facts for kids just waiting to be discovered by young explorers!

Uncover curious creatures from both land and sea, ancient mysteries and civilisations, incredible destinations and natural wonders – prepare to be wowed by our wonderful world!

In the Autumn term, we are learning all about World War 2 and how it impacted Wallasey. We are going to be exploring lots of brilliant artefacts, listening to stories from veterans and taking part in a virtual lesson. 

If you want to learn more about World War 2, there are some links below which you may find useful:

World War 2 videos

World War 2 Facts


Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? :)

Linguascope is a website that provides lots of engaging activities to inspire pupils when learning a new language.

Additonally, you can download the app Duolingo and use the free speaking, listening and reading activities to develop your French skills. 

Online News

First News online publishes weekly newspapers suitable for children. Click the hyperlink below to read this week's copy of First News.

You can also visit Newsround to keep up to date with news from around the world.



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